Tips for Becoming a Successful Esthetician

For those who want to begin a rewarding and potentially lucrative career as an esthetician, the usual first step is graduating from esthetician school in Orlando, FL. Once that formal esthetician training is completed, however, even a talented graduate isn’t necessarily guaranteed a solid career in the field of esthetics. In order to succeed as [...]

A Comparison between Cosmetologists and Estheticians

For the uninitiated, many of the terms and labels used in the field of beauty care can be somewhat confusing. Further blurring the issue is that many specific skill sets are taught by cosmetology schools in Hollywood, FL, even though not everyone who graduates from a program at a cosmetology beauty school is a cosmetologist. [...]

Things You Will Learn in Nail Technician School

Few careers are more in demand currently than nail technicians. Manicures and pedicures have never been more popular than they are now, and with new nail salons popping up in communities across the country, there’s no shortage of opportunities for skilled nail techs to develop rewarding careers in the beauty industry. By enrolling in a [...]

Cosmetology School: Things to Know about Hair Coloring

Hair color is a crucial element in the world of beauty. It's a form of self-expression to some. Changing your hair color is a creative, fun, and adventurous experience. That's why it's important to really know and understand color. The techniques and procedures involved in changing hair coloring are important. Cosmetology school will teach you [...]

Barber School: The Beginning of Your Barbering Career

Whether you took a career quiz, have friends that encouraged you, or you’ve simply always known you wanted to be a barber, you’re likely thinking about next steps. Congratulations on choosing a career that almost guarantees you’ll always have a job. Hair never stops growing! Deciding on a new career is exciting, but before you [...]

Becoming a Good Massage Therapist

Massage therapy continues to increase in popularity as people learn both the wellness and relaxation benefits of massage. With that increase in popularity comes a subsequent increase in demand for the caring services offered by skilled professional massage therapists. However, one must receive the proper training to become a professional massage therapist. Those who want [...]

3 High School Classes That Prepare You for Beauty School

Cosmetology school can be a springboard for many who want to develop a lifelong career in the field of cosmetology, beauty, and aesthetics. For many who want to become a part of this in-demand profession, cosmetology schools provide a direct path to employment in a steady, stable career field that has great income potential and [...]