What Is the Future of Cosmetology?

A cosmetologist can provide a wide range of personal care services, tending to hair, nails or skin. If you decide to get into this field, you may decide to specialize in being a makeup artist, skin care specialist, manicurists, pedicurist, or hair stylist, whichever one becomes your passion. Either way, when you prepare for your [...]

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High School Courses to Take to Prep for Cosmetology School

In high school, it's not uncommon for students to take courses that will prepare them for the major they plan to declare in college. Guidance counselors will commonly help these students plan their course schedules, so that they have the best possible advantage in college. However, if you plan to go to cosmetology school, you [...]

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Is Cosmetology the Right Career for You

Cosmetology can be an exciting profession. You spend the day helping people relax, feel good, and look the way they want. If you enjoy helping others look and feel like their best, then cosmetology might be a career path that you should consider. Cosmetology covers a lot of areas: hair, makeup, skin care, hair removal, [...]

What Are the Different Types of Beauty Careers?

For many people with a passion for beauty, finding a career that supports that passion in a way that can sustain a lifestyle is the ultimate goal. There are a huge variety of ways to enter the beauty field, and the experts at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers know that the best way to [...]