A Comparison between Cosmetologists and Estheticians

For the uninitiated, many of the terms and labels used in the field of beauty care can be somewhat confusing. Further blurring the issue is that many specific skill sets are taught by cosmetology schools in Hollywood, FL, even though not everyone who graduates from a program at a cosmetology beauty school is a cosmetologist. [...]

Cosmetology School: Things to Know about Hair Coloring

Hair color is a crucial element in the world of beauty. It's a form of self-expression to some. Changing your hair color is a creative, fun, and adventurous experience. That's why it's important to really know and understand color. The techniques and procedures involved in changing hair coloring are important. Cosmetology school will teach you [...]

Becoming a Cosmetologist: All about Lash Extensions

Cosmetologists can study a great number of different subjects related to beauty and aesthetics. From cutting, styling, and coloring hair, to nails, skin care, and waxing, there are so many things that cosmetologists are expected to learn. Many of them choose to focus on one area so that they can become an expert in it, [...]

Cosmetology School: Knowing What a Skincare Specialist Does

When most people think of cosmetology school, they think only of learning to cut, style, and color hair. But the truth is, cosmetology school programs in Orlando, FL, can cover a huge range of services relating to many aspects of beauty. One area of expertise that many cosmetology students choose to focus on is skincare. [...]

High School Courses to Take to Prep for Cosmetology School

In high school, it's not uncommon for students to take courses that will prepare them for the major they plan to declare in college. Guidance counselors will commonly help these students plan their course schedules, so that they have the best possible advantage in college. However, if you plan to go to cosmetology school, you [...]

Is Cosmetology the Right Career for You

Cosmetology can be an exciting profession. You spend the day helping people relax, feel good, and look the way they want. If you enjoy helping others look and feel like their best, then cosmetology might be a career path that you should consider. Cosmetology covers a lot of areas: hair, makeup, skin care, hair removal, [...]