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5 Habits of People With Great Skin

5 Habits of People With Great Skin

Your bathroom cabinets do not have to be overflowing with new creams and serums in order to find the best skin care products and routine that works for your skin. If you are wondering how to get more flawless-looking skin, well, the naked truth is that great skin takes care and routine.

Beauty counter shelves are full of endless varieties of products that aim to improve your skin — or cover up those pesky pimples. However, the basics, such as water and sunscreen, are usually what will work best for your skin. Skin care for normal skin is about routine.

The best skin care routine to sport the no-makeup look is one that includes habits. This guide will give you five habits you need to get that healthy glow you see in magazines and on social media.

Essentials in a Skin Care Routine

Habits and routine are essential for great skin. A habit is something you practice regularly so that it becomes difficult to change. It can take between just 18 and 254 days for you to form that new habit, according to Healthline.

Here are the five essential habits in a skin care routine you should develop in order to look your best on no-makeup days:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Drinking water tends to be the said “skin care secret” to glowy, youthful, and clear skin. And dermatologists say celebrities like Kendall Jenner who abide by that secret may be right when it comes to your body’s overall health.

Water helps hydrate your body’s cells when it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and filtered by your kidneys. Through this, water flushes your system from toxins and hydrates your whole body. Therefore, it is often attributed as the reason for healthier skin.

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommends a daily intake of about 11.5 cups of fluids a day for women and 15.5 cups of fluids a day for men.

Aside from water, your skin should also be hydrated using topicals as well. Drinking water helps get your body hydrated, but moisturizer is key to locking that into your skin.

As for picking the right moisturizer, make sure to steer clear of products that contain alcohol. Alcohol will only dry out your skin.

2. Daily cleansing

Speaking of products, cleanser is another basic step in your skin care routine. First, choose a gentle cleanser. It does not have to be a super expensive cleanser or fancy brand. Experiment until you find the one that works best to balance your skin.

Cleansing is essential to routine, and it is best to cleanse twice a day: in the morning and at night. Your skin collects dirt throughout the day, so it is especially important to wash your face before bed.

3. Sunscreen: A crucial part of your daily routine with skin repair

Your skin is not healthy if it is damaged. Damage from ultraviolet rays to your skin can be obvious on the surface, whether it is a new spot that has appeared or signs of aging, including sinking, stretching, sagging, and wrinkles. However, damage from UV rays can exist below the surface as well.

According to the American Cancer Society, UV rays, whether artificial from tanning beds or from the sun itself, can cause premature aging of the skin and damage to cells’ DNA, including skin cancers.

Apply sunscreen daily. Choose one that is water-resistant for the best protection to ensure that it stays on all day. You can even find makeup that includes SPF in it nowadays. For example, many powders, moisturizers, and foundations include SPF today.

4. Eat right

This is not a “do not eat fatty foods” lecture. However, avoiding excess sugar in your diet has proven to help clear up skin. Sugar can break down elastin and collagen, which are the proteins that give your skin the shape and firmness it has. Sugar can trigger inflammation and exacerbate acne breakouts.

A well-balanced diet will help give your skin the glow you want.

5. Work out regularly

A great wellness routine is one that also includes exercise. Working out is great for your pores to sweat out the bacteria and toxins your skin holds.

Exercise also increases blood flow, therefore giving your skin a healthier look. The post-gym glow is not just sweat. It is also a result of blood flow and the endorphins released during physical activity.

However, do not forget to shower after your workout routine. This will ensure those gym germs and dirt do not clog your pores.

By using these five habits and sticking to a routine, your skin's appearance and health will change for the better. And if you need help reaching your glowy goals, seek out a skin care specialist who can help you address your skin concerns.


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