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5 Hair Coloring Techniques Hair Stylists Must Know

  1. Highlighting: A popular hair technique for adding dimension that has been used for decades and great for people who want to add more depth to their hair. Highlighting can be subtle or bold, depending on color, placement, and thickness of highlighted strands.

  2. Bronde: This is a layered hair coloring technique that combines blonde and brown hair color for a refreshed, youthful look. It’s a great look for women and men who want an easy-to-maintain hair color.

  3. Ombre: This is a shadowing technique that has grown in popularity over the years. It creates a gorgeous, sophisticated look that doesn’t allow for harsh lines between the different colors. The ombre effect can include two or more colors, depending on the client’s desired outcome.

  4. Sombre: This hair coloring technique is more subtle than ombre by using a softer color that starts at the mid-length and runs to the tips. This technique applies color that produces a gradual fade effect.

  5. Balayage: Balayage is a hair coloring technique that is quickly becoming popular. This technique is a freehand coloring technique that is artistic in nature. Clients love balayage because it blends beautifully and doesn’t require as much upkeep as highlights.

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