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5 Pink Nail Designs We're Obsessed With

Pink is possibly one of the most adaptable colors in the cosmetic world. Especially with the Barbie movie trending, Barbie pink is very popular, so if we need another justification for wearing pink on our nails, this is it.

Pink nails open you to a whole new world of design possibilities. From a classic pink-and-white French manicure to bright magenta nail art and everything in between, a pink manicure knows no bounds. So, if you're out hunting for pink nail designs, here are adorable ways to change your pink manicure in 2023.

  1. Pink Aura Nails: The trend of aura nails is huge right now, and we adore this pink variation which is surprisingly easy to recreate. First, apply a base coat, a pink tint, or milky white on your nails, then a clear coat. Apply a deeper pink dot at the nail's center before the transparent coat fully dries, allowing sufficient time to expand. You can also use a fluffy brush or pink powder for a more Korean blush nail appearance.

  2. Pink Chrome Nails: Of course, chrome nails are still popular this summer, and fortunately, they're not too difficult to replicate. Additionally, they consistently make an outfit look better and add a lovely touch of pink that would make Barbie happy. Start by putting on a bright pink polish, sprinkle on some pearly chrome powder, then finish with a clear top coat to achieve the pink "glazed" effect on Hailey Bieber's nails. The best part is that the holographic effect looks fantastic on nails of all sizes and shapes.

  3. Pink French Tips: A French manicure comes to mind when we think elegant and traditional. You might, however, occasionally be looking for something a little more intriguing. The ideal combination is a trendy pink French manicure. Paint a hot pink border around the edges of a nude nail using either a steady hand or nail tape. It offers a light touch of color and is intriguing without being over the top. It's a great alternative for settings where a full pink nail could be too much. To add a bit of sparkle, you can add a bit of glitter confetti too. However, these French tips would be stunning on their own.

  4. Ombre Pink Nails: Maybe you can't decide on a preferred color palette. Why settle for just one hue of pink when you may have several? This gorgeous style works well with different shades of pink from the same color family. For this ombré-inspired look, gather your favorite pinks and paint one hue on each nail. Use the same cold or warm undertones and gradually lighten each hue. Begin with the deepest color on your thumbs and gradually work your way up. You can select a matte or high gloss finish depending on your preferences.

  5. Pink Glitter Nails: A pink glitter manicure acts as fairy dust for your outfit. This bubbly design is ideal for girls' nights out, New Year's Eve, or any other party. These glitter nails are also a must-have looks for summer, courtesy of Barbie. Whether you prefer gel nails or nail paint, this look is low-maintenance and simple. Simply choose a bright pink color and top it off with a glittering top coat. There you have it, Barbie pink nails with some sparkle.

Pink is lovely and stylish color with endless design possibilities for nail art. Aside from the nude shades of nails, the pink nail is equally popular in the nail world. Pink nail designs may easily transition from business to nightlife.

Wear pink Barbie nails to parties, weddings, or everyday errands. They are fashionable and feminine. There is no way to go wrong with this color all year and for practically any event.

However, the flexibility of pink nail styles can make selecting just one intimidating, so taking inspiration from our expert selection of looks will help you bypass the hard deliberation stage at the salon. So, if you want to check out lovely pink nails, choose any one of the options to make your nails stand out!

Here at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, our team at the Salon and Spa can create a flawless "barely there" manicure or draw all eyes to you. In either case, its popularity stems mostly from its practicality. You can never go wrong with pink nails and patterns, whether you are a fan of fantastic seasonal nail art designs or simply like maintaining your hands in tip-top form.

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