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5 Strength and Skills of a Cosmetologist

The earnings and job potential of cosmetologists can be rewarding. If you like working with people, want to express your creativity, have a love for beauty and fashion, and according to *Bureau of Labor & Statistics

the highest 10% earn a media wage of $23.31 and an average wage of $18.12. Attending a school for cosmetology may be a great choice. Before beginning the journey to become a cosmetologist, here are five strengths and skills that can help lend to your possible success.

Knowledge and Expertise in the Field

The best way to gain and retain new clients is to be a true expert at what you do. This will likely require continuing education even after you receive your license. In fact, continuing education courses will be required for you to get your license renewed in most states. Taking your next steps in your career, you’ll want to make the most of continuing education courses, and if you choose to specialize in a certain field of cosmetology like hair, makeup, or something else, you’ll want to study hard to become the very best in that area. Word of mouth is powerful, and if clients are satisfied when they come to you, they’ll can possibly provide you with referrals to gain more clients.

Knowledge of Current Trends

Trends change all the time. While you might be an expert in what was popular a year ago, it is important to stay tuned to the latest in hair and makeup. You want to be up-to-date on what is cutting-edge so that you can advise your clients on what’s currently the style. You’ll also want to stay up-to-date on the latest cosmetology techniques, methods and advances so that you can feel confident creating the latest styles and trends for your clientele. With that in mind, listening is key as you try to understand your client’s beauty needs and cater to their style to give them their desired look.

Patience and Focus on Customer Service You might have your own opinions about what’ll look best on a client but remember that the client’s wishes should come first. As a cosmetologist, you work with people all day long. A focus on quality customer service and on making your customer happy will help you create an environment where

clients feel like they’re heard and appreciated and that your goal is to help them look and feel their best. Communication skills are key in customer service. You need to both listen and explain. Ask questions if you aren’t sure just what your client wants and ask for guidance. Knowledge of the Best Products As a cosmetologist, you’ll be utilizing beauty products when performing services for clients. Many of these products will be for sale at the salon you work at or if you own your own business, you’ll likely offer products for sale. Know why the products are quality and which products will be most beneficial for your client. If you think you have the strengths and skills it takes to become a cosmetologist, enroll in Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, a cosmetology school Hollywood Fl. *


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