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A brief Introduction to a Cosmetology Student

When you hear someone say they’re pursuing a career as a cosmetologist, it’s generally assumed they’re talking about becoming a hairdresser or make-up artist. But these are just two of the focuses you can choose as you follow the training curriculum required for certification.

Think of a doctor. Before they choose a specialty, they must complete the basic medical school courses. The same is true with cosmetology. Once you’ve learned beauty foundations defined as, “a comprehensive understanding of basic skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to obtain licensure and for competency as an entry level cosmetologist”, you can enroll in advanced cosmetology school in Orlando, FL.

Choosing a Focus

  1. Hairdressers and Barbers

According to the most recent census statistics, nearly 700,000 people in the United States make a living as hairdressers, stylists, and barbers. The distinctions between titles are minimal as all licensed cosmetologists graduate with the ability to wash, condition, color, cut, dry, and style a client’s hair. You’re also encouraged to feel comfortable recommending a specific look and method of caring for your client’s hair at home.

  1. Manicurists and Pedicurists

Beauty school

When you take cosmetology classes in Orlando, FLyou’ll also learn how to care for your client’s hands and feet. Whether or not you choose to make this your focus for employment, you’ll graduate knowing how to give a foot and hand massage, trim cuticles, and do nails.

  1. Makeup Artists

The internet is flooded with “how-to” makeup videos for people of all ages and genders. When you complete true cosmetology courses you’ll have the option to pursue makeup application as a career. You get to use your creativity along with your skills, for each client has a different goal-look. You may work with brides, runway models, film and stage performers, and more.

  1. Skincare Specialists

Providing quality, long-term skincare is a massive business in America. Nearly $250,000 is spent annually by people hoping to achieve better skin.

This educational focus takes a bit longer as you’ll need to complete more in-depth courses, but the reward is a significantly higher paycheck when you graduate.

Transitioning into The Workplace

Whether you’ve applied to work in an existing cosmetology office or you’re opening your own private practice, you’ll need to be sure to follow all the workplace and safety procedures you learned in school.

  1. Sterilize your workspace and equipment as required, either after each client or daily

  2. Schedule enough appoint time to interact with your client about their beauty goals, without making your next client wait.

  3. Understand the business side including: how to process payments and how to submit through a client’s insurance.

  4. Maintain a commitment to continuing education in your field so you always know the latest trends, upcoming techniques, newest products and treatments.

When you’re ready to begin working toward a career in cosmetology, enroll in advanced cosmetology school in Orlando, FL. You’ll learn a bit of everything you’ll need to know as you navigate their comprehensive curriculum. And then, choose a career focus and you’ll only be a few short steps away from your first day of work as a cosmetologist in the focus of your choice.

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