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A Guide to Transitioning Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall

As the weather cools off, you’ll probably start packing away your tank tops and shorts and switching over to your cozy sweaters and boots. You know that the changing of the seasons calls for a change of your wardrobe too—so why wouldn’t it call for a change to your skincare routine as well? As you learn in an esthetician course in Orlando, FL, your skin’s needs change with the seasons, and it’s important that you adapt so that you can provide your skin with the care it needs all year round. Keep reading to learn how to transition your skincare routine from fall to summer.

Try a Deeper, Thicker Moisturizer You should be moisturizing your skin throughout the year, but as the weather cools off, you should put away the lightweight facial moisturizer and try something that provides a deeper moisturizing effect. Try a heavy cream that’s made with ceramides; these are the fatty acids that your skin produces naturally, but it may need a little help replenishing them during the fall and winter. Don’t Forget Body Lotion Florida is plenty humid during the summer, and many residents don’t feel a need for body lotion during most of the year. However, fall and winter can be much drier, and your skin can get dry and itchy at this time of year. Make sure that you hydrate from head to toe with a good body lotion or body butter. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate on the inside too by drinking plenty of water! Exfoliate Less Exfoliation is an important part of your skincare routine, but it’s important not to overdo it. Keep exfoliating treatments to no more than once a week, and make sure that you’re not scrubbing too hard. As we mentioned, your skin really needs those ceramides at this time of year, and over-exfoliating can strip them away. Try a Humidifier It mind sound crazy to invest in a humidifier when you live in Florida. However, if you struggle with dry skin in the fall and winter, it just might be worth it. Run the humidifier in your bedroom at night to add some environmental moisture to the mix. This will keep your skin from drying out as often—but it’s still important to hydrate with lotion too! Continue Using Sunscreen This is one thing that shouldn’t change when the weather changes. Yes, you can get sunburned during the fall and winter, so yes, you need to continue wearing sunscreen even when the weather cools down! Of course, you don’t need to slather it over your shoulders and back during sweater weather. However, it’s incredibly important that you continue to use a daily facial lotion that contains SPF protection. Even if you’re not feeling the heat from the sun, its UV rays can damage your skin throughout the year, so you should always take steps to protect it. Fall and winter can be harsh on your skin, so it’s incredibly important that you give it the care and hydration it needs during this time of year. If you’re looking for a hydrating facial treatment or you want to enroll in an esthetician course in Orlando, FL, simply contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers today.


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