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A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Professional Barber

Barbering, now is a good time to start your training. This career field is enjoying a surge in popularity. Students who complete their program and licensing requirements can look forward to strong

employment opportunities and future career growth. Read more about steps you’ll need to take if you want to work as a professional barber.

Complete Barber Training

The first step is enrolling in and finishing a program at one of Florida’s Barber school programs. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) requires students to complete at least 1200 hours of Barber training. Look for a program with a robust curriculum. A good program offers not only coursework but hands-on experience. Once a student finishes their Barber program, they should feel confident that they’re ready to pass their state’s board examination.

How Long Is the Barber Program?

The amount of time you spend in your program depends on how many hours you complete per week; some schools offer day and evening schedules for the convenience of students. Generally, students complete their program in 12 to 24 months. Make sure you discuss program length and barber school tuition with the admissions advisor at your school of choice. This way you can plan your time and finances and ensure you finish on time.

Apply for a Florida Barber License

After you complete your 1200-hour barber program, you must apply for your Florida barber license. This is done before you take your licensing examination. After you submit the application, you’ll wait to be contacted by the vendor in charge of administering the examination. The vendor will help you schedule a date and time for you to take the written portion of the examination.

Pass the Barber Examination

You’ve worked hard in your training program. You’ve learned as much as possible from the Barber school in Hollywood, FL. Now you’re ready for exam day! You’ll answer 100 multiple choice questions covering the following:

  1. Safety, sanitation, and sterilization

  2. Florida barber rules and laws

  3. Hair cutting and hair styling

  4. Chemical procedures

  5. Hair structure and chemistry

  6. Shaving, beard and mustache trimming

  7. Shampooing

These are all areas of content covered in your 1200-hour training program. You’ll have 3 hours to complete your exam. You should receive your score upon exam completion.

Apply for Professional Barber Positions Once you get the good news that you passed your state licensing exam, you can begin the job search process. Once you’re licensed as a barber, a whole new world will open up for you. Licensed barbers work in barber shops and salons. Many work as independent contractors while they build a clientele. You’ll likely do this by renting booth space in a barbershop or retail salon. Many barbers decide they want to open their own salon and work on building their client base with that in mind.

Keep Your License Current Getting your first barber license is step one. After that, you’ll renew your license in even-numbered years before July 31st. The state also requires all licensed barbers to complete an approved HIV/AIDS course before their license expires. Also, while it’s not a licensing requirement, consider your own continuing education. Keeping up with trends helps you keep current in the industry. There’s no time like today to start your Barber training program. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers is here to help you on every step of your journey. Contact us today for help enrolling in classes!

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