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Barber School: The Beginning of Your Barbering Career

Whether you took a career quiz, have friends that encouraged you, or you’ve simply always known you wanted to be a barber, you’re likely thinking about next steps. Congratulations on choosing a career that almost guarantees you’ll always have a job. Hair never stops growing! Deciding on a new career is exciting, but before you start shopping for the tools of your new trade, choose your barber training program. Here are a few highlights of what you’ll learn in barber school that will be the foundation for your career.

The First Week in Barber School Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to show your clipper skills the first week in your training program. First, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the tools used for cutting hair, trimming, and shaving. You won’t necessarily be ready to use your tools, but you’ll know the basics. Your instructors will also go over the core techniques barbers use in their work. Depending on the school you choose, you may even learn about the history of barbering. Barbering has come a long way since the days when barbers not only cut hair but also filled teeth and performed surgery. Week Two and Beyond The first week or so of training may feel more relaxed but get ready because after that, it’s time to get serious about barbering. Now, you’ll get a look at your barber kit and you may even get a little practice with mannequins. Over the next several months, you’ll develop your cutting and styling skills. You’ll also learn straight-edge razor and shaving techniques. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to take chemistry 101 again, but you will learn about the chemical processes involved with coloring hair. All barber training programs teach infection control techniques. Part of your training includes professional development where you’ll learn how to communicate with clients and how to manage your barbering business. During training, you’ll find out what you need to know for licensing, and you’ll prepare for the licensing exam.

How to Choose Your School Completion of barber training takes a minimum of 1,200 clock hours. That translates to 9-12 months of time spent in the classroom. When you’re looking at barber schools in West Palm Beach, schedule a tour and come prepared with questions. Ask about the courses you’ll take. Make sure you understand the program length. When you meet the admissions representatives, talk to them about your future. Ask questions about potential salary and ongoing training. Most states require barbers to renew their license every 1-2 years. That means you may need to take continuing education courses as well. Make sure the school you select offers courses that cover the business side of barbering. While developing the art of shaving, cutting hair, and trimming beards is your primary focus, you’ll also need business skills to do well in your new career. If you’ve chosen barbering as your new career, you’ve chosen well. Now it’s time to choose your program. Schedule a tour today at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. We’re dedicated to helping students get off to a good start.

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