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Best Skin Care Routine during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Step 1 : Assess your typical skin care needs. Just because you are staying inside more and daily life has changed doesn’t mean your skin is entirely different. Think about your skin type and what you usually do for your skin.

  • Step 2 : Make sure you keep wearing sunscreen! Even though you may not be in direct sunlight as often (unless you are living in an underground bunker), you still need sunscreen. Light rays, no matter how strong, can still be damaging to your skin.

  • Step 3 : Take more time to do beneficial treatments. It can be hard to come home from work and make time for a face mask, but things are different now.

  • Step 4 : Think about your skin on a new level. You have more time to make homemade meals and drink plenty of water. Also, our skin needs extra moisture right now due to washing our hands so much and wearing face masks. Be sure to apply a quality moisturizer and moisturizing body lotion morning and night to combat this. Focus on these few tips and see if you notice a difference!

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