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Cosmetology: A Career That Goes beyond the Salon

Cosmetology can be a fascinating and fun career. When people hear about cosmetology or first become interested in the field, they often think of working as a hairdresser behind the chair at a salon. This is a path that many cosmetologists do enjoy, and you can have a lot of fun working with people to improve their confidence, try new looks, and embrace their personal style. Of course, this isn’t the only path you can take. An advanced cosmetology school in West Palm Beach, FL, can easily help you chart a course outside of the salon as well. Keep reading to learn how.


When people think of cosmetology, they often think of playing the role of a hair and makeup stylist, but this doesn’t have to limit you exclusively to a salon. You could work on a TV or movie set, work on fashion shoots, or work as a personal hair and makeup artist for celebrities. If you want to travel or have a passion for filmmaking, this could be a great fit for you as these professionals frequently travel to other countries.

Being a hair and makeup artist gives you the chance to craft unique and different looks. If you like a challenge or simply want to test your skills, this could be a wonderful way to show off what you can do. Makeup artists and hairstylists for TV and movies are sometimes required to come up with wholly different or outright bizarre styles and looks. It could be a great way to test yourself and demonstrate your impressive abilities.


Some cosmetologists fall in love with makeup. Being a makeup artist is a specialty that can be quite in demand depending upon your area. Fashion shows, pictorials, weddings, and other special events or movie sets frequently require someone who specializes in makeup specifically. As a makeup artist, you get to embrace your creativity and have a lot of fun with different appearances. If you know that you get bored doing the same thing day after day, being a makeup artist could allow you the chance to flex your creative muscles.

Blogger Have you ever considered being a blogger or vlogger? Beauty blogs and vlogs can be hugely influential. If you enjoy helping your friends with their hair and makeup, or you’re the go-to expert when it comes to the latest trends and styles, this could a perfect fit for you. Being an influencer could allow you to work with a variety of brands, travel to different events, and you could meet people you would never have otherwise encountered. Blogging allows you to help people in all walks of life and even in other parts of the world. If you want to bring beauty tips and advice to the masses, working as an influencer could be tremendously rewarding. It might not be the easiest career path, since it requires a lot of personal discipline, but it could be just right for you. After graduating from a cosmetology beauty school in West Palm Beach, FL, the career paths are almost endless. Contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers at (561) 547-6333 to begin your journey today!

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