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Electrolysis: 5 Important Myths Uncovered

You can find an amazing electrologist at Electrology school in Orlando, FL, to prepare you to serve the beauty needs of the public, including fast and long-lasting removal of unwanted hair.

Here are 5 things that people get wrong about this amazing hair removal technology.

Electrolysis Painless

Electrolysis, like many beauty routines, can potentially be painful. It all depends on the patient. There are some people who report extreme pain. However, others report a slight tingling. In the Electrologist program, you’ll learn how to accommodate all types of people, understanding their pain tolerance and treating them accordingly.

Electrolysis Leaves No Mark

Electrolysis may come with side effects, including redness and tenderness at the application site. However, this is to be expected of many beauty services, even massages and facials. However, an electrologist or other beauty professional with extra training in laser technology will need effective training to protect patients.

It’s 100 Percent Successful Electrolysis is actually only about 93 percent successful, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. What’s responsible for the 7 percent failure or sub-par success rate? It may come down to the method used, as well as the patient’s bodily responsiveness to the treatment. Many people find

that waxing is more successful and offers better results, which is why Electrology training is still a great career investment.

Home Electrolysis Works Ask any esthetician where you should go for hair removal and they’ll tell you to always go to a spa or other hair removal service center. They aren’t just trying to get your money. They’re right about one thing: home hair removal programs don’t usually work, especially not home electrolysis electronics. They can scar the body, quick hair re-growth is common, and most of the time they just don’t work.

Laser Electrolysis Is Standard Laser hair removal and electrolysis aren’t the same procedure. They’re advertised together because people may be more familiar with the latter. While the use of lasers is less painful for removing hair, laser technology isn’t 100 percent effective quite yet. If you attend Electrology school in Orlando, FL, you may lead a promising career in hair removal. Start your journey today as an Electrologist in Orlando, FL. For more information about our Electrology program, please visit our website or give us a call today 407-681-2410.

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