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Everything You Need to Know about Esthetician Training and Certification

Estheticians are highly sought after because there are numerous job opportunities in medical facilities, health clubs, resorts, cruise ships, spas, and more. This career path requires specific training and certification because you’ll help people with a vast range of skin conditions, but you’ll also need to know about how different systems in the body work in order to improve the health and appearance of the skin using multiple treatments. Here’s what you need to know about getting your esthetician certification in Orlando, FL.

What Esthetics Includes

Esthetics is more than just cleaning the skin. It involves beautifying and addressing issues that involve the skin. Common treatments administered by estheticians to address skin concerns are chemical peels, facials, waxing, microdermabrasion, laser therapy, hair removal, and more. Some of these treatments can be done with a basic esthetics license, while others require master esthetician licenses.

Typical Courses

When you enroll in basic esthetician courses, you can expect to take numerous classes that will educate you not only on techniques for caring for the skin but on identifying lesions and other skin problems that may require the care of a dermatologist or other medical professional. You’ll take courses that teach physiology, anatomy, first aid, hygiene, and disinfection. Classes that teach skin care techniques such as how to clean pores, do facials, and provide treatments like European facials and microdermabrasion are other aspects of the course material. You’ll also learn about aromatherapy and other spa treatments that clients often request. Estheticians are also trained in waxing and tinting lashes.

Additional courses for cosmetology or master estheticians may include how to do laser therapy, apply eyelash extensions, and administer deeper chemical peels. There are also courses that will help with the business and customer relations aspect of esthetician careers. You’ll learn how to communicate well and learn how to manage clientele and business functions such as payment and scheduling.

Required Hours

A common question asked by potential esthetician students is how long the program will take to complete. Esthetician training is a great choice for many people because there are classes offered during the day and in the evening, and the program generally requires a minimum of 260 hours. Master esthetician certification may require double the hours because there’s more in-depth study of the cardiovascular, lymphatic, muscle, and nerve systems. This further education provides certification that allows estheticians to work in medical settings to administer treatments that are only done in a clinical setting.

Other Requirements

All of these courses and clinical hours are meant to prepare you for the exams that will result in actual licensure. Licensure is required in every state, so once you’ve finished all your courses and hours, you’ll take the test to become licensed by the state board of cosmetology. Once you’re licensed, you’ll be able to work in spas and resorts. In order to work in medical establishments such as plastic surgery or dermatology offices, you may need to complete additional training to become a medical or paramedical esthetician.

Choosing the Right School

If you’ve decided esthetician training in Orlando, FL, is the right path for you, make sure you choose the right school for your training. Find a school that’s accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and is a member of professional organizations, such as the American Association of Cosmetology Schools. To learn more about the course requirements and esthetician school costs, contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers today.

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