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Fall 2021 Makeup Trends

Whether you're someone who follows the leading makeup trends, or you're simply looking for new ideas and inspiration to update your current look, fashion and makeup are a constantly revolving door that can open up new concepts and directions to inform your personal style.

Not every trending makeup style will work for every person. But by taking stock of current trends and keeping an open mind to new sources of inspiration, you can cultivate a style that is modern, creative, and specific to you.

With that in mind, here's a look at some of the top makeup trends for fall 2021.

Trending Fall Makeup Looks for 2021

Curious about the season's trending makeup styles? Looking for inspo to change up your personal style? Here are the current top makeup trends:

  • Loaded lashes. With so many of us spending a lot of time wearing face masks, eye makeup has been a focal point of makeup trends not only this season, but for the past year. Loaded lashes fall right in line, drawing attention to your lush lashes and making your eyes a focal point, mask or not.

  • Eyeshadow with personality. Looking for some eyeshadow inspo this fall? You'll find it pretty much everywhere: from neons to pastels to blended, multi-colored swipes, this year's fall eyeshadow trends have thrown away the traditional subdued hues of the season, and are embracing bright and loud colors and styles to let your inner self shine.

  • The kitten eye. Popularized by stars like Ariana Grande and Zendaya, the kitten eye is one of this year's top eyeliner trends. It can be either a dramatic extension of the corner of the eye, or a more subtle flick of eyeliner to elongate the eyelash line and make your eyes pop.

  • Bright, bold lipstick choices. When masks are off, it's time to show your personality. This isn't the season for subtle lipstick shades. A quick scan through Instagram will show you how everyone is embracing bright, deep reds and other bold lipstick colors this fall.

  • Adhesive accessories. High-end designers are heavily promoting accent stickers as a modern, eclectic adornment. While it might not be your choice for everyday makeup, it could provide an exciting new way to accent your look and add a little something extra for special occasions.

Simple Fall Makeup Looks for 2021

Eager to change your style, but you're leery of time-intensive or intense looks? Here are some more practical, simple makeup looks that will keep you in line with the season's trends:

  • Embrace the smoke. Smoky eyes are by no means a new makeup trend, but they're in full fashion this fall. If you want to play around with smoky eyeshadow, try out a thicker stripe that will add more contrast and depth to your eyes.

  • Try out red and black tones. If you want to go bold without resorting to eclectic or unconventional color schemes, red and black are still great choices when it comes to lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. The darker tones are a great complement to the fall season, and they'll add striking contrast to your facial features.

  • Bring back the blush. While blush tends to ebb and flow in its popularity, it's definitely enjoying a moment in the sun. You can even stretch beyond your traditional blush approach by extending its application and blending it with your brow line, which is a particularly popular trend this fall.

Where to Find Fall Makeup Inspiration

As you explore different makeup styles you may want to try on this fall season, it's important to consider where you're looking for creative ideas—especially when you're trying to stay on top of the latest trends.

Some great places to watch for fall makeup trends include:

  • Instagram. From makeup artists to celebrities and influencers, to even your own friend group, Instagram is the place where you can see makeup trends as they're developing—and even showcase your own experimentation to your followers.

  • The Met Gala. This celebrity-studded event, which took place earlier in September, often has a significant impact on fall trends as fans pay close attention to what their favorite stars are wearing.

  • Fall fashion weeks. While fall fashion events like Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2021 have already taken place, you can check out the runway shows and other trends emerging from those trend-setting events to identify styles you want to adopt as your own.

However you approach your fall makeup style, make sure you blend today's top trends with the styles and looks that best represent yourself to the world. And remember that your makeup choices can be aspirational: by embracing bold choices and updated styles, you can fully express both who you are and who you want to be.

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