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Favorite Makeup Products for Traveling

When you’re on the go, whether it’s a quick trip to see a family member or a long European vacation, no one wants a complicated getting-ready routine. The best makeup products are quick, easy, and mess-free. Simple makeup for travel should be just that: simple.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are our favorite makeup products for traveling.

Favorite Makeup Products for Traveling

Makeup to Pack for Travel

If you have an upcoming trip planned, don’t hesitate on your shopping run. But be sure to skip the mindless wandering and instead use our guide to help you shop. Here are the makeup products you should bring while traveling:


Even if you won’t be basking in the sun on a beach, SPF is always a must. It keeps your skin hydrated, prevents sun damage, and keeps you glowy. Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen is a favorite; it’s both water and sweat resistant and comes in multiple sizes.

Tinted moisturizer

Avoid the heavy foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer. The lightweight formula will keep your skin from getting too cakey. Added bonus: It gives you some color and often SPF. Our suggestions? Ilia’s Super Serum Skin Tint or Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint. Tip: Use your fingers for an even and smooth blend.


To avoid getting too oily, balance your tinted moisturizer with a powder. For fuller coverage, choose IT Cosmetics’ Celebration Foundation. A pressed powder like this will give you color and more coverage. For lighter coverage, opt for a loose setting powder such as Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder (it comes in a mini version!) or e.l.f.’s Halo Glow (for a more budget-conscious option). Powder will help lock in your makeup all day, which is especially handy when traveling.


Bring a bright concealer to hide those dark, under-eye bags that may be deeper than usual due to long travel days or those pesky stress-induced pimples. Tarte’s Shape Tape comes in a mini size, perfect for traveling.


We all want to look luminous when on vacation. A quick brush of bronzer will do the trick. Benefit’s Hoola bronzer is always a fan favorite.


And for an added lift, sweep highlighter on your upper cheeks. MERIT’s Day Glow Dewy Highlighting Balm is an easy, mess-free choice.

Mascara and eyeliner

How much of a full look you are going for while on vacation is all down to personal preference. Pick up your favorite mascara or eyeliner — a mini version is always a bonus, especially if it is waterproof, like Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara.

Eyebrow gel

Finally, don’t forget about your eyebrows. A good mini gel will keep your brows in place during those long travel days. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel is very affordable in the mini version.

Makeup Hacks for Traveling

Mini-sized beauty products are not only cute but super-efficient. They’re also cheaper than their full-sized counterparts. Pick up your makeup finds in their mini version to save money and space in your travel bag.

Strategically packing includes saving space in your luggage wherever you can. In other words, don’t bring the whole makeup store with you. Condense your makeup routine and products as much as you can.

This may mean skipping some products you normally use in your routine, but it can also mean finding a 2-in-1 product such as a tinted moisturizer that has SPF or a pencil that has both a liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner.

How to Organize Makeup for Travel

Another tip is to store your makeup in a waterproof case. This especially helps when you have to set your makeup and bags on an airport bathroom counter. Keep your cloth bag and your makeup from getting ruined by opting for a waterproof container. Target and Walmart have inexpensive options easily available.

Makeup can be hard to pack because of all the loose items. Throw them all in one bag, and you won’t have an issue. With this guide, your travel makeup routine will include the basics.

Don’t delay your vacation fun by spending time on a full makeup routine. Choose the basics and start your day faster. To learn more, connect with us online.

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