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From Winter to Spring to Summer Skin Care Routine

You can learn a lot at a cosmetology school in Orlando, FL, but one of the most important lessons is how to care for your skin. The changing of the seasons can have a massive impact on your skin’s health. Your skin care routine should adapt to the seasons to keep your skin healthy and nourished.

Winter Skin Care

During winter, moisturizing is essential. Dry, cooler air is harsh on your skin, and it’s easy to discover that you have flaky elbows despite your best efforts. Fortunately, exfoliation helps. Getting rid of dead skin and uncovering your healthy layers underneath helps your moisturizer be more effective.

Of course, indoor heating and wind may make the situation even worse. Don’t forget to protect your skin. A little bit of SPF can be beneficial since even the winter sun can damage your skin. People often forget that UV rays don’t care what season it is. Additionally, be sure that your foundation isn’t too heavy and doesn’t dry out your skin.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a face mask. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to re-hydrate your skin. Using a face mask at night can add plenty of moisture to your dry skin. It may also help to prevent flaking.

Spring-Summer Skin Care

Spring tends to be the opposite of winter yet presents some challenges. After a dry and harsh winter, your skin can go into shock with the sudden onset of moisture and milder temperatures. The warmth and wetness may be a little more than it can handle. Breakouts aren’t uncommon.

An acid peel might be the answer. It removes blackheads and reduces fine lines that can be caused by dry and undernourished skin. The bright and fresh skin that you reveal should be ready for spring.

Ready doesn’t mean worry-free. Remember your sunscreen. Spring and summer bring more sun and longer days. Even if you made the mistake of not worrying about the sun during the winter months, you shouldn’t overlook the impact of the spring and summer sun on your skin. It’s a good idea to go ahead and get in the habit of adding sunscreen to your daily ritual. It’ll protect your skin from damage during the spring, and it’ll ensure that you’ve developed a healthy routine for summer.

Transition Skin Care From winter to spring to summer, you probably don’t need as heavy a moisturizer. It’s easy to bombard your skin with moisture during winter, and it may actually be an excellent idea. For spring and summer months, you can choose a less intense moisturizer and be happy with the results. At the same time, you may need to increase your SPF. If you weren’t using sunscreen before, you need to start using it. The spring sun tends to be more intense and longer lasting. All cosmetology schools in Orlando, FL, take skincare seriously. Contact the professionals at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers to learn all about nourishing and beautifying your skin.

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