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High School Courses to Take to Prep for Cosmetology School

In high school, it’s not uncommon for students to take courses that will prepare them for the major they plan to declare in college. Guidance counselors will commonly help these students plan their course schedules, so that they have the best possible advantage in college. However, if you plan to go to cosmetology school, you might have to seek guidance from a mentor or parent. For those who plan for a career in cosmetology, here are a few courses that you should consider taking in high school to prepare for your cosmetology training classes in Orlando, FL.

Biology and Anatomy This might sound strange at first, but take a moment to consider it. While these might sound like courses reserved for those who plan for careers in medicine, cosmetologists actually work very closely with people’s bodies. Massage therapists especially need to be familiar with the muscles of the body, so that they can better treat their clients. But understanding the composition and growth of human hair, nails, skin, etc., can also be greatly beneficial to beauty specialists. Chemistry Speaking of science courses, you probably never thought of cosmetology school as a chemistry lab. But in your cosmetology courses, you’ll likely work with and even mix together many different chemicals. Mixing the right hair color takes significant skill and a careful hand to ensure the color is perfect and the final mixture is not caustic or damaging to the client’s hair. Speech While you’re likely required to take English classes throughout high school, if you intend to go on to cosmetology school, you should consider taking a speech elective as well. As a cosmetologist, your communication skills are vital to your overall success. No matter how good you are at your craft, if you lack the ability to communicate with your clients and help them feel comfortable, they may not come back to you. So, sign up for speech and take every opportunity to work on your conversational skills.

Art In the end, cosmetology is an art form. Whether you choose to focus on hair, nails, makeup, or another specialty, every service you provide for your clients starts with a blank canvas and ends with a work of art. So, take some art classes in high school. Learn to channel your inner creativity, think outside the box, and envision the final product as you work on your artwork. When you eventually get to cosmetology school, you’ll see the similarities between painting a canvas and painting a client’s nails, or between sculpting clay and sculpting and cutting your client’s hair into the perfect style. While your high school may not offer courses that are designed to help you on your path to a cosmetology career, there are many courses that can still help you to prepare for your cosmetology training classes in West Palm Beach, FL. So, if you’re planning to enter cosmetology school after high school, be sure to take some of the courses above. Check out Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers to see what the program offers today.

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