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How to Become a Boss at Beard Design

Gentlemen, we’ve all been there; staring in the mirror at that wispy tuft of hair we call a “beard”. You don't know what to do with it. So, with a sigh, you pick up your razor and eliminate all evidence you ever made it past puberty and watch your manhood spin down the drain. This is any guy's nightmare, right? You're tired of this and want answers. The first step to becoming a boss at beard design is to find your face shape.

How to Become a Boss at Beard Design

There are many different faces out there. Some are angular and sleek, others round and long making it challenging for beginners to choose a beard that best suits their face. To do this, look in a mirror and analyze the most prominent characteristics of your face. Do you have high cheekbones or a concave chin? Also, analyze under your neck. Your hair follicles produce just as much hair under there, so be sure to take your upper neck into consideration when envisioning your future beard. There are six general face shapes to help guide you as you explore possibilities.

  1. The Round Face: Men who have a round face are going to have the most success choosing a beard that is going to create the illusion of having a more angular jawline. To do this, ensure that you leave your beard a bit longer at the chin. In doing this, you are creating an aesthetically pleasing “V” shape. Avoid long sideburns and keep the sides of your beard shorter. This will complete the face-slimming look you are seeking.

  2. The Long Face: Having a longer face doesn't mean you have to look like Quagmire for the rest of your life. In fact, here you will do just the opposite that you would for a round face. Unlike the round face, it is recommended to grow a beard that is thicker at the sides and cut closer at the chin. This is a suitable medium beard design for almost any occasion. You will see added depth and width to the thinner parts on your face that will seemingly shorten your face.

  3. The Square Face: It sounds great, right? It sounds like what most men want. A square, tight face with a jawline? Sign me up! But contrary to the name, a square face doesn't mean you are all squared away. In this instance, a longer cut on the sides and shorter around the chin will soften your jawline. Another recommended style for men with square faces is a goatee, but it is recommended to stick to long beard styles.

  4. The Broad Face: A person with a broad face need not fear. Yes, this is one of the hardest to work with styles, but nonetheless, you are covered. Concentrate on growing a full and thick beard. But on top of that, consider a well-groomed mustache. It can be more challenging for some to choose a style with this face shape. Be patient and cultivate your look as you go.

  5. The Small Face: Men with small faces are encouraged to pursue beards that are more compact and trimmed to provide depth and proportionality. A longer beard is strongly advised against as this will make you look incredibly nonproportional but is up to the individual's discretion.

  6. The Oval Face: Lastly, the oval face is at the top of the pyramid in men’sbeard designs. This is because an oval face provides the perfect shape for just about any style or length you want. Long or short, trimmed or scruffy; the possibilities are endless for you. This means, however, that you tread the line between a kempt and unkempt beard. Some men decide on a faded beard design to add depth and contour to their faces.

There are many styles out there. And you are only a trim away from them. But keep in mind that you don’t want to shave excessively. Too much shaving can dry out your skin, clog pores, and potentially cause razor burns. Believe it or not, you can also cause your beard to grow in patchy rather than nice and full.

If you would like to learn more about men's hair and beard care and grooming, contact us at Hollywood Institute today.

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