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How to Become a Makeup Artist in Florida

If you love all things makeup, becoming a makeup artist may have been a long-term dream for you. It may be that you're looking into what to do after high school, or you may be thinking about a change of career. Either way, figuring out how to become a makeup artist can be somewhat confusing. Do you need any qualifications, for example? You might be asking yourself questions like, “Which makeup courses are best for my plans?” or “Are there any good makeup schools near me?” Getting started can be complicated, so this article will help you to figure out exactly how to become a makeup artist in Florida.

How can I pick from the makeup artist schools near me? Before you choose a makeup academy, there are some important things to consider. The most important factor is making sure that staff is qualified and supportive of their students. The second most important factor is making sure the school has the exact coursework you’re looking for. For example, if you want to go beyond artistry and find qualified esthetician coursework, not all schools offer those courses. A school's reputation will also be important when you later go on to find a job in the industry, so be sure to research the school well. In Florida, you will find some of the country's leading schools for future artists. What do you learn at makeup schools? Courses vary from cosmetology courses that teach the core techniques to advanced courses in special effects. On a foundation course, your teachers will show you how to apply products to flatter different face shapes. You'll also learn color theory to help correct imperfections and apply a flawless base on your clients' skin. Cosmetology courses cover a variety of other skills that are useful to master alongside makeup, include facials and other services you could offer as add-ons in the future. You will also be taught how to work with clients, how to greet them and how to get repeat bookings. Do I need any qualifications met to be a makeup artist in Florida? According to bill HB 1193, official certification is not required in Florida for those applying makeup only, but it is required for any type of chemical exfoliation, lash application, microblading, tinting, hair removal or permanent makeup application. In those cases, you’d actually need to apply for a tattoo artist license. Estheticians, who can do facials, also need a different license. Makeup artist certification is recommended in Florida if you are going to be applying makeup for compensation. Makeup application for compensation can take place in a whole number of professional settings, whether you're planning on doing wedding makeup, working on film sets, or anything else in between. It can technically even be done in the home. What career options are there? Career options for people who successfully complete a makeup course are wide and varied. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists earn a median hourly wage of $36.41. Artists can have very flexible careers that fit their interests and personal lives. If you are interested in the arts outside of cosmetics, you could become an artist for stage or screen. Theater, TV and movie productions all rely on makeup artists to make the cast look their best. If you love meeting new people, being a wedding makeup artist might be your calling. Others may prefer to join or open their own salon. If you're looking to take your love of cosmetics and makeup to the next level, then training as a makeup artist is certainly worth considering. Finding a reputable, local makeup course and investing time and effort into honing your skills will pay off in the long term. If you are looking to apply makeup professionally in Florida, finding a school that will help you with that is essential to avoid any potential hiccups on your path to qualification. If you’ve been searching for “makeup classes near me” and need more guidance, contact us today.

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