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How to Choose the Best Makeup School for Yourself

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers was originally founded in 1974. Its goal has always been to provide a quality education to people seeking to work professionally in the field of cosmetology and related areas of practice. As an educational organization, there’s a focus on working towards licensure and certification while also emphasizing real-world skills, hands-on experience, and the practical application of best practices. With a team of experienced industry professionals, HIBC is able to give you both practical knowledge and formal education. That combination is key to helping you develop the skills and knowledge that you need to be successful in a highly competitive industry.

If you want a rewarding career as a makeup artist, you need the appropriate background. Learn how to choose the best makeup school for yourself!


The number of hours spent in a course will have little impact if it doesn’t deliver the appropriate instruction. Some schools have a catch-all approach, so they give you a limited amount of education in a wide array of areas. However, that’s not going to be your best option if you want to specialize in makeup. You’ll need to spend more time on makeup and far fewer hours working with hair or nails. Be sure to review the courses they offer beforehand and look to see if they allow you to focus your training.


There’s only so much you can learn from videos or tutorials. Makeup is a hands-on practice. Do they have facilities that offer real-world experience with actual people? How much time will you spend directly applying makeup? Some book learning is essential and safety protocols should be stressed, but the more hours you can put into applying makeup, the better. Their facilities should accommodate as much direct application as possible.


There are plenty of unscrupulous companies out there that would be happy to take your money and give you a worthless piece of paper in return. It’s always recommended that you check to see if the school is accredited and has appropriate licenses. Affiliations are also key, especially if you want to get your foot in the door professionally speaking. Look to see if they’re accredited in your state and check to see if they’re licensed through the Department of Education. The accreditation and license are both essential, but professional affiliations are helpful as well.

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