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Latest Trends in Hair Extensions

Learn more here from Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers about these latest hair extension trends:

  1. Tape-in hair extensions: This trend is a great way to add length and volume to hair without damaging it. When applied correctly, tape-in extensions prevent damage sometimes associated with hair extensions.

  2. Extra-long extensions: Celebrities aren’t the only ones wearing 22-inch hair extensions. When you want to add extreme length to your hair for a special occasion or just for fun, the longer the better.

  3. Micro-ring hair extensions: For women looking for extensions that are easy to style and don’t lose their shape when washed, suggest micro-ring hair extensions.

  4. Weaves: Not a trend necessarily, but weaves are a classic style that work wonderfully on thick hair to hide the weaved-in hair.

  5. Colors: Now, hair extensions come in a rainbow of colors for people who want colorful strands without damaging their hair with chemicals.

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