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Latest Trends in Men’s Hairstyles

Barber schools in Orlando, like the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, will teach you all you need to know about the latest trends for the times when clients come in with no idea what they want their hair to look like. It’s always in your best interests to keep up with popular hairstyles to ensure that your business is successful and your clients exit the salon chair satisfied. Here are some of the latest trends in men’s hairstyles.

Short Sides The undercut has been making a massive comeback for men within the 2010s thanks to popular modern musicians and internet celebrities making them more widespread. It is especially popular among the younger crowds ranging from teenagers to adults in their 30s. Many of them appear like a buzz cut on both sides of the head, but there’s still enough hair on the top that can be parted in either direction or pulled up into a bun or ponytail. Slicking Back the Top Whether your client likes to keep their sides short or long, few hairstyles look as classy as the simple slick back hair these days. While some might try a diagonal direction with the slick to show off more of their scalp, just directing the hair towards the back of the head can be very accessible to nearly any type of environment. Remember to remind your client that this sort of hairstyle needs to be properly maintained every morning after they hit the shower. They will likely have to use some gel to not only keep their slicked-back hair in place, but to make sure it looks well-kempt. If the client has little time in the morning to get ready, this style may be a bit too high maintenance for them. They should choose a different fashionable look that requires less upkeep. Curly Comeback

Are you ready to start your journey toward becoming a hairstylist? Contact the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, a barber school in Orlando. Visit them online or give them a call to find out how you can get started and eventually keep your clients looking stylish and trendy for years to come.


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