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Learn Advanced Hair Cutting with Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

Congratulations! You’ve completed the basics and graduated with your cosmetology license. Now, it’s time to think about your long-term goals and pick a specialized focus.

Many opt for advanced cosmetology barber schools in Hollywood. Once enrolled, you’ll have the opportunity to master the more intricate and trending haircuts your clients will ask for.

Men’s Hair

Back when striped-poles rotated next to a “Barber” sign, men knew where to go for a good haircut and shave. In these modern times, all graduating cosmetologists are required to master the art of cutting men’s hair. However, there are some time-honored, classic cuts and techniques that can only be learned when you take advanced courses are the barber certificate programs in Hollywood, FL.

Cutting men’s hair isn’t as simple as it used to be. A simple trim and brush is a rare order in the 21st century. It’s vital you know a number of trending cut-techniques to meet the needs of all your clients:

  1. The Basic Layer

  2. The Graduated Cut

  3. Texturizing

  4. Length Adjustments

  5. Razor Techniques

  6. Thinning Techniques

Styling is becoming a trend with men’s hair as well. So, it’s important you learn both the names and the classic or modern style they match:

  1. The Gentleman’s Taper

  2. The Princeton

  3. The Military

  4. The Desirable Harmony

  5. The Acute Diversity

  6. The Fade

Women’s Hair

  1. Short, Medium, Long Hair

  2. Fine, Medium, or Thick Hair

  3. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

  4. By Age Bracket (i.e.- best hairstyles for women 50-and-over)

  5. By Face Shape

  6. By Event (wedding, holiday party, celebrity show, etc.)

  7. And more!

Children’s Hair

There are whole books dedicated to the different options parents have when they walk their little kids in for a haircut. Many are miniature versions of their dad’s tight, military look or their mom’s classic bob. When you enroll in barber certificate programs in Hollywood, FL, you’ll learn the more advanced cuts and styles parents are requesting for little boys and girls.

  1. Half Up – Half Down

  2. Messy Bun

  3. Classic Updo

  4. Fishtails

  5. French Wrap

  6. Chunky Knot

  7. And hundreds more!

When you graduate from the cosmetology barber schools in Hollywoodyou’ll be licensed and ready to tackle any haircut, style, or combination that your clients request. If you have a gift for hair and love creating beauty in others, don’t stop with your basic cosmetology license. Enroll in some advanced courses and wow your clients with niche-skills. From that point on, they’ll only want you to cut and style their hair.

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