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Learning Different Blow-Drying Techniques at Hollywood Institute

Upgrade Your Blow-Dryer

First and foremost, not all blow-dryers are the same. While it’s not absolutely necessary to have the latest tools that can cost as much as a car payment, you do need a good blow-dryer. If you’re using an old dryer that doesn’t obtain the right level of heat or smells like smoke when you turn it on, you could benefit from an upgrade. Newer blow-dryers are more energy efficient and will do less damage to your hair. You want to make sure you have one that includes various temperature settings and has a few attachments for different styles as well.

Choose the Right Temperature

Always make sure you’re aware of the level of heat on your hair. If you have thin hair, using the hottest setting on full blast isn’t the best idea. Thin hair tends to dry and burn faster, so using a milder heat setting is always best. Thicker hair can handle more intense heat at a higher setting. Thicker hair also takes much longer to dry, so don’t hesitate to bump the temperature up a bit if you’re dealing with coarser hair.

Use the Right Attachment

  1. Using the right blow dryer attachment can give you the best blowout hair. If you’re looking for shiny locks, use a concentrator at a lower speed setting with a higher temperature to help direct the flow of the nozzle from the roots to the ends. This speeds up drying and prevents your hair from blowing all over.

  2. A diffuser is perfect for wavy or curly hair because it reduces the intensity of the blow dryer’s airflow. This helps tame the frizz.

  3. If you’re looking for volume, use a pick attachment when you’re blow-drying your hair.

Use the Sectioning Method Finally, make sure you’re sectioning off your hair into three or four sections, depending on the length and thickness. When you section the hair and work only on one portion at a time, you’re saving the hair from too much or too little blow-drying. Once the section you’re working with is dry, let it sit for a minute or try using the cooling setting on your blow-dryer. This will allow for your hair to dry thoroughly and evenly all over. Following the advice from pros at our cosmetology hair schools in Orlando, FL, can give you a beautiful blowout at home. For more tips, call Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers.

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