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Manicurist or Nail Technician: A Comparative Guide

From indicating social rank in Ancient civilizations to completing fashion and beauty looks, nail care has come a long way. Beyond enhancing your hands’ appearance and making a statement, this practice is a self-care act. It gives a therapeutic effect and keeps germs from getting trapped under your fingernails and toenails and causing fungal and pinworm infections. The nails also serve as a window to your health, so keeping them neat and clean is a must.

For these reasons, it’s crucial for aspiring specialists in this field to attend a nail tech school in Orlando, FL. Here, they’ll get an in-depth look at the theories and techniques behind this art. If you’ve ever considered taking up classes and making a career out of it, you might’ve encountered the terms “nail technician” and “manicurist.” Though these terms are often interchanged, they mean two slightly different things. Read on to learn more. What a Nail Technician Is As their job title implies, this professional performs treatments on fingernails and toenails. This includes cutting, trimming, shaping, and buffing the tips. A nail technician can also remove and apply polish, whether it’s the traditional liquid formula, gel, acrylic, or press-on type. A nail technician carefully works to soften the skin on the client’s hands and feet, making it easier to remove dead cells. This leaves the areas looking smooth and feeling supple. It helps polish, lotions, and other products get absorbed much faster, as well. Another skill this professional is trained in is massage therapy, which enhances the client’s pampering experience. They can also give away tips and tricks on how customers can better care for their fingers and toes themselves. To land this job, a person must take nail training courses at a beauty school. Here, they’ll learn about the history of nail technology, how to perform various hand and foot treatments, and how to use and care for equipment. Proper sanitation and sterilization procedures are taught, as well. Once they’ve completed the program, they’ll be allowed to apply at a salon. While some establishments hire individuals without an educational background in this service, it’s still better to obtain a certificate. This document also helps them find work at higher-end spas, which pay much better.

What a Manicurist Is The tasks of a manicurist are similar to that of a nail technician. They perform a variety of hand and foot treatments that make them cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. Aside from attending to a client’s fingernails and toenails, they can give out massages that soothe stiff and tired arm and leg muscles. What sets the two apart is their respective level of expertise. Before one can become a manicurist, they must have a nail technician’s license. This is obtained by taking a training program and, in some states, a special qualifying exam. Another thing that makes them different is that most people who decide to take up this profession eventually set up their own salon. Now that you’ve learned a little more about what a nail technician and manicurist is, it might be easier for you to choose which path to take. Get in touch with Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers to ask about nail courses for beginners in Orlando, FL. Their team is composed of experts and experienced professionals in the industry, so you’re sure to learn the finest techniques from the best.

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