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Marketing Ideas Every Cosmetologist Should Know

1. Work the Web

You don’t need to spend a lot on a designer website. Many website companies offer easy to use, plug and play website templates. Where you want to spend money is on hiring a professional photographer to take the initial photos for your website. You want photos that reflect the reality of your specific business. Generic photos won’t help you because they don’t show off the work you do. Once the website is up, you’ll need to keep it fresh. Use a blog to post photos of work you’ve done, announcements of events, and articles about beauty trends. You could even write about your personal beauty habits and tips to give your audience and potential customers a more personalized sense of who you are.

2. Get Social Media Savvy

Instagram is a great place to build your community if you know how to take photos correctly. Taking a class in how to use your phone camera can do wonders for your social media presence and can help you create photos that will garner the type of attention you want and need. Facebook is great for keeping up with your clients, and Twitter is perfect for sharing photos and business updates. However, the best social media platform to use is the one you personally like the most. Don’t feel the need to go on every social media network; instead, choose one and use it extraordinarily well.

3. Lean into Loyalty

You like it when your customers come back to you, and it costs less to retain a customer than to find and recruit new ones. Implementing a loyalty program makes it easy for your regular clients to continue to choose you for their business. “Buy 10, get one free” is a good place to start. Create a cute punch card to give to clients at the end of each service.

4. App It Up Websites are great, and you need one. However, apps are the new websites for many people.

Smart phones are so prevalent that having an app is almost required now. A good app can help you communicate with your clients and help them keep their appointments. 5. Partnership Perks If you know of any other small business owners who offer services that complement yours, you have a great opportunity for joining forces with these people. By getting your flyers, ads, promotions, photos, and social media posts on the websites and social media pages of another business, you get more exposure to potential clients. Of course, this should go both ways. Make sure you’re also promoting the other business as well. This type of marketing strategy is beneficial for both your businesses. If you’re looking for cosmetology schools in West Palm Beach, FL, contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. Call (561)-547-6333 today for more information!


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