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Microblading and Your Facial Structure

Like our skin, we tend to our eyebrows as they define our facial features. Plucking can be a good option for many, but it can be painful, often making eyebrows look thin and weedy.

Drawing your eyebrows with a pencil can be a quick fix but not a solution. Doing it all the time can become tedious. Luckily a semi-permanent solution for eyebrows is here. We are talking about microblading, which is gaining attention as a trend.

Microblading is a great way of having great-looking eyebrows for just a few hundred dollars. Whether you prefer celebrity-like eyebrows or wish to work as a microblading artist, keep reading to learn more about microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure where a specialized handheld tool is used to shape eyebrows while making them look fuller precisely. The handheld device uses ultra-fine needles to deposit ink onto the skin. These needles look similar to a small blade (microblade).

Microblading requires the expertise of a technician who can skillfully glide the device around the eyebrow area. It allows the technician to deposit pigment into the upper dermis resulting in natural-looking hair-like strokes.

How long does microblading last?

Typically, the effects of microblading last for 12 to 24 months. An individual's skin type and lifestyle can affect the longevity of microblading eyebrows. For example, microblading pigments fade faster on people:

  • With oily skin

  • Who stays a long time under the sun

  • Who uses a higher concentration of active ingredients in skincare

What are some microblading eyebrow shapes?

Seeing Insta models, you might marvel at their divine-looking brows! But only several eyebrows might suit you. There are plenty of shapes you can get done with microblading.

It's important to learn what eyebrow shapes are available whether you're a microblading technician or want to do it yourself!

  • Straight brow shape

When clients want eyebrows that make their eyes look brighter, we recommend a straight brow shape with low-to-no arch.

  • Tapered brow shape

This one is ideal for clients with a heart-shaped facial structure. The tapered brow shape gives them a softened, sharp cheekbone look, making their face appear delicate.

  • Curved brow shape

This one is perfect for clients with square or round facial structures. A curved brow shape slightly slopes down, elongating the shape of the face.

What Is Considered a bad microblading eyebrows?

Like other cosmetic procedures microblading also has a downside. Yes, things can go wrong during a microblading session. Clients may end up with poorly executed eyebrows. Such as:

  • Creating uneven and asymmetric arches

  • Too long or short needle strokes

  • Too thick needle strokes, which is quite common

  • Wrong positioning of the arches

  • Unnatural-looking stroke which doesn't look like hair

  • Application of an odd-looking pigment shade that doesn't match

How deep pigment is injected is also a matter of concern. If we insert the pigment too deep, the client will have gray or blue undertones after healing. On the contrary, if the pigments don't reach deep enough, the pigment retention will start to reduce.

When micro blading goes wrong, clients might have to bear the unnatural, artificial-looking results for up to 18 months. Poorly executed microblading can cause infection, permanent scarring, and allergic reactions.

How to Fix Microblading Eyebrows Gone Wrong?

When a well-done microblading can take up to two years, a botched one can fade within 18 months. But it still is a long wait. That's why prevention is the best method to avoid unsatisfactory results during microblading.

We are here with a few ways to fix or camouflage a botched microblading:

  • Apply Makeup

When you have minor imperfections, an eyebrow pencil is more than enough to hide those mistakes.

  • Consult Another Artist

Consulting a recognized artist is often all you need to fix your spoiled look. However, you cannot go for another session until your previous work heals completely. It might take a month or less. A new session might cost you extra, but a few additional strokes might fix past mistakes and deliver your desired results.

  • Try DIY Methods

If your problem is unnatural-looking dark brows, try DIY methods. Some DIYs like hydrogen peroxide paste or retinol treatments are known to fade microblading pigments.

  • Get Saline Removal

It's an emergency removal service that you should have within 48 hours of the treatment. Saline removal can remove unwanted pigments from the treated area. If you can't do this in the required timeframe, wait at least six weeks to start your saline removal sessions. You can try another technique similar to saline removal: Glycolic Acid Removal.

  • Try Laser Removal

Consult with a laser removal expert to determine whether your skin is suitable for laser removal to fix your botched microblading.

More about the microblading healing process

Most people experience healing within 4-6 weeks. You might have to wait 30 days after the procedure to see the final look. Make sure never to rub your treated area, or it'll disturb the natural healing.

Once fully healed, apply sunscreen (from SPF 30 up to SPF 50) on the eyebrows.

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