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Nail Technology Trends: The Latest in Nail Art and Design

The new year has introduced us to fresh and new nail art trends and styles. The best way to impress your salon clients is to stay updated on the latest nail designs. We have curated a selection of popular nail styles to equip you with the latest trends, enabling you to provide your clients with the most fashionable nail makeovers! 

  • Chrome Nails This year, chrome effect nails have already taken the spotlight. Why? Because these nails offer a mirror-like metallic finish that provokes an immediate double take. You can add chrome effect as the topcoat or topping powder – and you'll find a range of shades. While being the favorite of many – chrome effect nails allow nail technicians to be more creative. You can bring subtle shimmer or mirror glaze on the nails with a chrome effect. 

  • Y2K Nails Y2K Nails offers many design options, providing endless possibilities for creativity and personal expression. No wonder this old-school nail trend remains fresh this year as well. This nostalgic trend first came to the scene in the 2000s. You can do glittery, metallic, or jelly textures, 3D details, and bold embellishments with Y2K nail designs. It's not just a nail art to remain fashionable; it's a nostalgic statement for nail art lovers who want to borrow early 2000s design inspirations.

  • Coquette Nails This one is inspired by coquette fashion – a nail design that uses pastel pink and lilac shades and embellishments like hearts, bows, and pearls. Coquette nails with bows created in 3D and chrome styles are the most sought-after ones. 

  • Aura Nails Aura nails are one of the popular nail styles on TikTok. The design features a hazy effect and pays tribute to celestial-inspired aesthetics. These are for those who love the latest nail designs of gradient and ombre effects on their nails. You can enhance the design further with mood-changing polishes and 3d nail stickers. 

  • Oyster Nails Oyster nails give off an iridescent sheen resembling oyster shells' inner shine. You can customize them using fishies like shimmery, 3D, or chrome. Typically, you must use milky-white or light-pink nail colors while top-coating them with a shimmery or glossy finish.

  • Nude Nails These are minimalist-looking nails that turned heads last year. And this year, they don't seem to vanish. You might have seen nude nails on big celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, or Bella Hadid. Nude nails effortlessly highlight elegance. Wearing such nails lets you look polished. Nude nails are sleek nail art trends that complement any casual or formal appearance. 

  • Velvet Nails These are some of the latest nail trends perfect for creating a luxurious appeal. This hyped nail trend resembles the actual velvety texture. The process of achieving this look is also quite interesting. You need to apply velvet polish to the nails after the base coat is done. Next, a nail technician will use a magnet to move the glitters and achieve the desired finish. Velvet nails can be done using any color - this looks phenomenal in every shade! 

  • Micro French Nails Micro French nails are an upgraded version of the French nail manicure. They're a minimalist way to showcase elegance, leaving the nail with a thin line or stripe. These are great for clients who prefer shorter nails with a refined appearance. 

  • Milky White Nails It's the simplest way to give your nails a natural makeover. This trend will remain cool in the foreseeable future. This nail design's sheer and translucent sheen sets it apart from regular solid white. A milky white sheen on your nails is perfect when you don't want any warmth but want a natural-looking finish. 

  • Mismatched Nails Mismatched nails are the easiest choice when a client wants to wear trendy designs. This trend lets you be versatile and creative. Mix-matching nail designs are an excellent way to play with colors, patterns, designs, and whatnot. Mismatched nails are getting traction as this design allows clients to reflect their mood and character and stand out. 

Learn About Nail Technology Innovations

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