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Personal Branding for Beauty Professionals

Branding is a key component for just about anything that is for sale, and beauty services are just that, a service for sale. Personal branding is just as important as it is to establish a product or service brand. What you are known for can help establish your business, whether you work for yourself or someone else and need to build a clientele. If you have recently graduated from cosmetology hair school in Hollywood, FL, the following are some tactics you can employ to help build your personal brand.

Apprenticeship Apprenticeships are great opportunities for graduates of cosmetology beauty school because they give you hands-on experience while you build a clientele. In some cases, the apprenticeship has led to employment at the establishment, provided you can bring in clients. Plus, with most apprenticeships, you get to learn the business from the ground up, which will help you with any job search. Before you agree to an apprenticeship, make sure you know all the details, including expectations, chances of employment upon completion, hours, the evaluation process, and job responsibilities. Employment One great way to build a brand is through employment in your field. Even if you are completing an apprenticeship or internship, if you have the required license, taking a part-time job in your field is a great way to start building your brand and cultivating a clientele. You may not have the buffer you will with an apprenticeship, but you will get great hands-on experience. Maintaining a booth in an establishment as a graduate of a cosmetology makeup school or as a hair stylist is a great way to kick start your career. Networking Chances are you have employment outside of your field, and you should use that to promote your name and the services you offer. If you work in a restaurant, for instance, let your co-workers know you are looking for customers and what you offer. If it is appropriate, you might even be able to promote yourself to some of your customers, but make sure you have managements permission to do that first.

Social Media Social Media presence is key for many in the industry and can be a primary method of communication with potential customers and your current clients. Not having a presence could mean writing off many potential customers. You can use your preferred social media platform to promote your services, give tips, promote your establishment, etc. Shy away from giving opinions, be sure to fully understand the situation and provide feedback in a private message or in person or via phone. Be sure to always include a solicitation for interested parties to contact you. Graduating from cosmetology hair school at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers in Hollywood, FL is a major accomplishment, but your career journey is just beginning. Follow these tips and seek the advice of other industry professionals to ensure you can hit the ground running!


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