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Prevent Brittle Hair in the Winter with These Tips

April showers may bring flowers. But winter months and snow bring cold weather, and cold weather means dry, lifeless hair and skin. It is crucial to upkeep our hair and skin care and change your routine to keep up with the weather and the changes it brings.

If you find yourself Googling, “how often should you condition your hair?” you may benefit from our hair care professionals and services. Take our grade-A advice on how to prevent hair breakage during those winter months. Here are four ways to eliminate dry and damaged hair during winter.

1. Wash Your Hair Less.

Dry shampoo can be your best friend in prolonging your hair’s lifespan before washing it next. Shampoo can remove your hair’s natural oils, which are much needed during the winter. Waiting to wash your hair after a few days is ideal, as it allows your oils and moisture to build up. Opt to shampoo two to three times per week. It can be trial and error, starting with skipping one day and build up.

2. Get Regular Trims.

Some people hate haircuts. Don’t fret — it doesn’t have to be drastic. Cut an inch, half-inch, small snip. Winter causes split ends. Regular trims can help maintain those split ends and keep your hair healthy and growing.

Perhaps you opt for hair extensions in the winter. When people think of hair extensions, they imagine unblended strands of mismatched hair. Our professionals use the best extensions, from strand-by-strand extensions and tape-in to glue-in and hand-tied — we have it all. This can be a solution to your long hair goals.

3. Lower The Water Temperatures.

Is hot water bad for your hair? We all love steamy, hot showers. But hot water can strip your hair’s moisture and cause it to become brittle. End your shower with a quick cold-water rinse to seal the most moisture you can.

4. Use A Moisturizer Hair Oil and Deep Conditioner.

To take it a step further and lock in that moisture, use treatments that help further that.

The more moisturizing the products are, the better. Choose all-natural products with moisturizing ingredients to protect your hair’s natural oils and moisture.

For extra moisture, deep condition your hair at least once a week and use a moisturizer hair oil at night to lock it in. you want a lightweight formula that revitalizes dry and damaged hair. If it’s too heavy, it can make your hair greasy.

Replenish your hair with oils and moisturizers. It not only helps avoid damage but can also help eliminate static hair.

At the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we know hair. We teach our students the best haircare practices, programs and training. Find our expertise, learn more and see our offerings on our website.


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