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Reasons to Choose Nail Technician as a Career Option

Nail Technology is breaking out as focus in cosmetology programs. Nail Technology programs teach motivated learners how to care for, and beautify, the nails on the hands and feet. Blend your love of fashion, design, and gorgeous nails when you pursue this career. Read on for reasons why this may be the right job for you. Nail Health Under all the shimmer and shine are fingernails and toenails. The nail curriculum at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty begins with an in-depth look at the history of nail technology, with emphasis on safety precautions and sanitary procedures. You’ll also learn how to identify nail diseases and council your clients to better nail health. Basic Nail Practices Learn foundational skills like manicures and pedicures, as well as spa treatments and related services. You’ll become adept with the tools and techniques required to transform nails into a thing of beauty. Advanced Nail Practices You’ll graduate ready to meet the needs of any client who wants acrylic nails, gel nails, nail sculpting, wraps and extensions. Nail design is quickly becoming a unique art. You’ll practice the foundational basis of nail art, and then be encouraged to get as creative as you like. Aesthetics Many clients are motivated by the eye-pleasing effects of nail technology. If you’re not particularly “artsy,” don’t fear. Your comprehensive curriculum, taught by experts, will prepare you for even the most finicky client. Career Advancement Nail care is big business. Commit to your career path and you’ll:

  1. Complete State Requirements

  2. Complete School Requirements

  3. Register with DBPR as a Nail Specialist

  4. Competitive Career Options

Begin your new career path at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty. Their nail technician program is available at the Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, Florida campuses. You’ll arrive every day excited to see what new technique you’re learning next! The Hollywood Institute of Beauty offers a deep selection of other programs too. Visit their website at to read how to start your path toward cosmetology, skin care, massage therapy, and even how to become a medical assistant. Read through former-student’s testimonials, then call one of their four campuses to schedule a tour.

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