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Should You Go to Esthetician School?

You love skincare and are the person your friends call when they're considering a new product or want the scoop on the latest skincare ingredients. You could say that you love skincare so much you're considering making a career out of it.

Often, the first step towards a career as a skincare specialist is to complete an esthetician training program. If you're interested in moving forward on the career path of an esthetician, learn more about what you can expect in an esthetician program and see if it's the career move you want to make.

What Estheticians Do

Estheticians work directly with their clients, evaluating a client's skin and making recommendations for ways to improve the health or appearance of the skin. An esthetician usually knows how to perform a variety of skincare services, such as facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

An esthetician also recommends skincare products for their clients to use at home. Many receive a commission for products they recommend. Often, esthetician training programs will focus on using a particular brand of product, such as dermologica.

Along with treating skin concerns and recommending skincare products to their clients, many estheticians also perform hair removal. Estheticians wax, thread, or tweeze to get rid of unwanted hair or to shape and groom hair in certain areas, such as the eyebrows.

What You'll Learn in Esthetician School

There are some skills you'll bring to an esthetician training program, such as an interest in skincare and good grooming skills, and there are skills you'll learn in the program.

For example, you'll learn how to administer chemical peels and microdermabrasion. You'll also learn how to perform facials and other spa treatments and how to use hair removal wax. The program will also teach you how to analyze a client's skin so you can make the most appropriate treatment recommendations and so that you can recommend at-home products that will help them achieve their goals.

Although being skincare-savvy is a key component to success as an esthetician, so is being business-savvy. A top-notch esthetician school will also teach you the business skills you need to thrive as a skincare specialist. You'll learn how to interact with clients, including greeting them when they arrive for appointments and selling to them so that they are encouraged to buy products from you (without feeling pressure). You'll also learn how to manage booking appointments and getting clients to return for future bookings.

Do You Need to Go to School to Become an Esthetician?

In most states, you do need to complete a training program before you can become an esthetician. Going to esthetician school is usually a requirement before you can take a state licensing exam. If you are hoping to work in the field of skincare, you need to have a license before a spa or salon will hire you.

What Sort of Career Can You Expect as an Esthetician?

The future looks bright for people who hope to become estheticians or skincare specialists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of job opportunities for skincare specialists will grow by 17% over the next 10 years. Employment growth for estheticians is likely going to be much faster than for other occupations.

Once you complete your training program and become licensed, you can expect to find job opportunities in a variety of places. Chain spas and salons often have plenty of entry-level job openings available. You might also find work in a dermatologist's office, in a hotel or resort, or as a self-employed esthetician. As you grow your client base, it's likely that more and more opportunities will become available to you.

If a career as an esthetician sounds right to you, Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers has programs at our campuses in Hollywood, Orlando, and West Palm Beach, FL. Day and evening courses are available and you can finish your program in just three months. Contact us to learn more today.

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