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Spring Hair Trend Colors

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. Well, it often also makes us long for a fresh new hairdo. Changing seasons is the perfect time to spruce things up. When the cold winter sadness ends, spring is when color comes back. Why not add it to your hair?

Woman with long curly blonde hair smiling

From rose gold hair dye to strawberry brunette, here are the spring hair color trends you should watch for — and maybe give a try.

1. Butterscotch hair color

For anyone wanting to change their dull blonde, ask for butterscotch hair color the next time you’re at the salon. It’s similar to a caramel color in that it has a warm brown base, intense tones, and hues of gold throughout. It’s great for those wanting a more natural look this season.

2. Rose gold

Like the jewelry phase, rose gold is the latest hair craze. It’s a dreamy blend of red, pink, and blonde and looks pastel on the hair.

Rose gold-colored hair looks incredibly stunning on those who have warm undertones in their skin. If you are cooler-toned, perhaps opt for more of a platinum or metallic rose color.

Rose gold hair dye can be found at stores like your local Target and Sephora in products like dye or hair masks — it’s that common.

3. Ombre

Will ombre hair color ideas ever go out of style? If you follow any celebrity hair stylist on social media, you will know the answer is an astounding no. Take Vanessa Hudgens’ black-to-brown ombre as an example. Ombre doesn’t have to be blonde ends.

4. Strawberry brunette

You’ve probably heard of strawberry blonde before. It’s that blonde color that has a tint of reddish pink. Well, after all the blondes went brunette this past year as part of the latest craze to dye your hair darker, you will see strawberry brunette this spring. It’s the perfect mix of red, brown, and brunette. And for darker hair, copper red will also be popular this season.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Sophie Turner are already spotted with this hair color.

Tip: add a gloss for the perfect shine.

5. Butter blonde hair

I know what you may be thinking. But don’t worry — it’s not yellow! Butter blonde hair is a natural-looking, warm blonde color. It is more of a medium blonde with a mix of cool and warm-toned blonde highlights. Think of Reese Witherspoon and Sabrina Carpenter as an example.

6. Bronde

Speaking of blonde, the brownish blonde, dubbed “bronde,” will continue to dominate this year. It’s a soft color with both highlights and lowlights.

Plus: it’s low maintenance. You don’t have to keep up with bleaching your roots to keep up with your blonde hair.

7. Pops of color

Perhaps Charli D’Amelio’s recent look indicates this trend. Her long hot pink strands painted underneath her hair are one way to add color to your spring. It’s subtle yet different and bold. Or maybe you opt for dip-dyed ends for a more pronounced pop of color. Pinks, lilac, and blues are such popular choices this year.

And if you don’t want to commit to a bold color, you can always play around with temporary hair dyes. We all remember the Kool-Aid hair dye trend a decade ago, right?

Dox dye or professionally done, use the spring season as an opportunity to try something new. It’s a time for bright and bold colors after an often dark, gloomy, and colorless winter. Though, be sure you understand the basics of hair coloring. If you’re looking for the best professionals or want to learn these tricks yourself, check out the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers today.


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