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Spring Hairstyles 2019

The 90s Are Back

If you want something short and fun, you might consider the perfect pixie. With your hair left a little bit longer on top, you can show off a lot of texture, as well highlights or lowlights. It’s a great messy

look with some kick to it. Use some texture spray to help display your color and aid with ease of styling. The pixie doesn’t take long to fix, and it works great for spring or summer.

Vintage Chic

The vintage look isn’t just great for boots and blouses. A soft bob helps to frame your face, especially if you have the cheekbones to pull it off. With the roundness, the cut only requires minimal layering. If you like, you may enhance the vintage appearance with a deep side part. It’s not a fussy or demanding haircut, and it’s fantastic for either daily wear or a night out on the town. You can dress it up or dress it down as you like.

A no-fuss lob (or long bob) is another option. It’s a cut that demands minimal styling or upkeep, and it delivers ample choices. You can texture and tousle it for a fun, everyday look that’s equal parts messy and sassy. If you prefer something a bit more business minded, you can straighten it and add a little bit of product. It’s a great haircut if you want something that offers a lot of mileage and many options. If you don’t like your hair too long or too short, it’s a great mid-range idea.

The 80s Have Returned The 80s were known for big hair and bangs, as well as a touch of wildness. Shaggy, choppy layers and bangs give you a great 80s look with a hint of more modern sensibilities. The layers enable you to display a hint of sass, while the folded textures let you show off your new color or partner the

look with some product. For longer and thicker hair, you can use lion’s mane layering, also known as internal layering. It’s a trick that’s great for producing a massive amount of volume. If you want big 80s-style hair, volume is key. This hidden approach to layering removes some of your hair’s weight, while adding body. It doesn’t rely on hairspray to give you a sizable and impressive mane. Spring 2019 is all about making the old new again. A great cosmetology school in Orlando, FL, can show you how to make any of these styles work. Contact the experts at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, one of the best cosmetology schools, to learn all about these cuts and much more.

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