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Summer Makeup Trends to Follow in 2020

Summer has officially begun, and you can feel pretty confident that everyone will be wearing their shorts and tank tops on a regular basis. But, what will they be doing with their makeup? We’ve collected the top trends in makeup for the summer of 2020 in this blog. Keep reading to learn what trends to keep an eye out for. And, if you have a passion for makeup and beauty, consider applying to advanced cosmetology school in Hollywood, FL.

Hot Pink Lipstick Put away the wine- and plum-colored lipsticks of the fall, and break out a bright pink color instead. Lips the color of ripe watermelon are all the rage this summer, providing a vibrant and cheerful look that’s perfect for this time of year. Just be sure to use a setting powder or spray to keep that powerful color in place. Outer-Corner Eyeliner Going full-throttle with your makeup in summer can seem exhausting, especially if you’re spending time outside where you’re more likely to sweat it off. That’s why this super subtle eyeliner trend is perfect for the summertime. Just use a thick, smudgy eyeliner pencil in black, and draw it along the outer corners of your eyes. Blend it a little, and you have a modern, yet subtle cat eye. Pink Cheeks This trend pairs perfectly with those hot pink lips we mentioned earlier. A bright and rosy pink blush over your foundation gives you a soft, fresh look. Or, if you tend to flush naturally in the summer heat, work your pink cheeks all summer long—you’re right on trend! White Eyeliner Looking to switch up your eyeliner game? Now’s the perfect time to do it! White eyeliner is a new trend this summer, creating a totally different look for your eye makeup. You’ll immediately draw attention to your eyes with this look. Yellow and Peach Eyeshadow Wondering what colors are trending for eyeshadow? The answer is in your fruit bowl. Lemon yellow and fresh, ripe peach are the “it” eyeshadow trends for the summer of 2020. Yellow can really brighten up your eyes and add some color and vibrancy to even a bare, makeup-free face. But, if yellow feels a little too bold, you can give peach a try instead. This is a bit closer to the neutral brown tones you’re probably used to in your eyeshadow pallet, but with a warmer, more summery feel. Holographic Smoky Eyes We’ve got one more eyeshadow trend for you for this summer, and it’s a twist on the smoky eye. While a traditional smoky eye is great for a night out in the fall or winter, you might want something a bit brighter for the summer—but, of course, without sacrificing any of the allure. The answer is the holographic smoky eye. All you need is a holographic cream eyeshadow or highlighter. Smudge it all over your eyelids, and you have a cute, smoky eye that’s got a bit of extra shimmer for those nights out. Staying on top of the latest makeup trends is just one thing you learn when you attend cosmetology beauty school in Hollywood, FL. So, if you’re hoping to have a career in makeup, reach out to the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers to ask about our classes and learn how to enroll today!

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