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The Difference between Barbers and Hairdressers

Going to barber school can be an excellent career choice. In fact, barber schools in Hollywood, FL, can help set you on a professional path that’s both fun and fulfilling. Being a barber is a very hands-on profession that allows you to meet people in your area from all walks of life. If you’re a people person, it could be an ideal fit for you. Unfortunately, sometimes barbers are confused with hairdressers. It’s a common mistake. While they do overlap in some respects, the roles are definitely distinct in many ways.

Barbers The history of barbers is a bit complex. Obviously, barbers no longer perform dentistry or apply leeches to their customers. However, they do still shave and cut hair. Unlike hairdressers, barbers are specifically trained in trimming neck hair and shaving the face. This is one of the reasons that men sometimes prefer barbers to hairdressers. They can get a clean shave and their hair cut in the same visit. It’s quite convenient. Of course, there are things barbers don’t do. For instance, barbers don’t color hair. Instead, barbers tend to focus a few specific styles or cuts. They get very good at these cuts over the years, which allows them to apply them cleanly and quickly with minimal fuss. If you want to be in an out with little issue, visiting your local barber is a great idea. After all, barbers typically master the same cuts or styles over a period of years. They get quite good at them. Additionally, they become quite adept at trimming neck hair and tending to beards or simply applying a clean and quick shave. Hairdressers Hairdressers, on the other hand, style, cut, and color hair. Hair style and color trends change frequently, so hairdressers must stay knowledgeable of new trends and changes in the industry. Hairdressers frequently attend new training seminars or visit salons to learn about what’s going on in the field. While a barbershop is sometimes considered a more masculine environment, men are perfectly welcome to visit a hairdresser. Barbers and hairdressers simply focus their skills and training in different areas. If you’re looking for something new and different or want your hair colored, a hairdresser is the right choice. If you want a trim and shave, you should visit your neighborhood barber. Neither option is right or wrong, but barbers and hairdressers do perform somewhat different functions.

Making a Choice If you’re searching for “barber school near me,” you’ve probably already made your decision. Being a barber can be incredibly enjoyable, especially if you want a career that’s hands-on and practical. A clean shave and haircut can make your customer feel refreshed and invigorated. Contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers at (954)-922-5505 if you’d like to learn more about barber school and the difference that it can make in your life.

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