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The Growing Trend of Women in Barbering

Barbers have been around for ages. Today, the term barber refers to someone who specializes in cutting, dressing, styling, and grooming the hair and beards of men and boys. A hairdresser who specializes in men's hair may also be referred to as a barber. Barbering is a longstanding tradition, but women have often been left out of the equation. However, in recent years, barbering has become a profession that women have entered more frequently. Barber schools in West Palm Beach can help you get started in this position that can be highly rewarding.

Barbers and Barbering Barbers are known for specializing in working with men and boys. Many boys receive their first haircut at a local barbershop. This is a fairly common tradition that dates back generations. However, barbers do much more than simply give people a quick trim. Your clients may ask you about the haircuts or styles that would be best suited for them. Clients often rely on their barber to recommend cuts, treatments, or other services. While men tend to be more comfortable with maintaining a consistent hairstyle, occasionally, they may want to find a new haircut or prepare for a special event or occasion. Other services tend to include hair washing, cutting, coloring, and shaving. This is perhaps one of the most notable differences between being a hairdresser and a barber. Barbers have to be comfortable using a straight razor and shaving. A hot towel shave is a great treat for many men, and it's something that has helped barbers build their reputations. You may color, perm, bleach, or highlight your clients’ hair. If your client loves having a beard, you may be asked for advice on beard care, such as shampooing, conditioning, or applying beard oil. Obviously, barbers are expected to be knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to the tools of the trade. This includes scissors, straight razors, and clippers. While the mechanics of barbering are important, soft skills are essential as well. If you're a people person, barbering could be a great trade for you. Being able to carry on a conversation and chat with your clients is hugely beneficial. If you're good with kids, working with boys could be quite easy for you. It might also make you quite popular as a barber. Benefits of Barbering There are some definite benefits to being a barber. On average, men tend to be quite loyal as clients. Local barbershops sometimes see multiple generations of men and their sons frequenting the same shop for decades. Additionally, men tend to get their hair cut more often. While women may only see a hairdresser or stylist 3-4 times a year, men typically visit a barber once a month or every 4-6 weeks. If you're detailed oriented or have a flair for creativity, you could be highly valuable in helping your clients try something new. Simply being used to the same haircut doesn't mean it's something that your client loves. You might be surprised at how open and welcoming many men are when it comes to trying a new cut or style. If they're thinking of growing a beard, they could come to you for advice as well. Barber schools in West Palm Beach teach all of the essential skills you need to begin a career as a barber. Contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers at 561-547-6333 if you have any questions or if you would like to get started in a new trade.

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