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The Importance of Massage Careers

People Need Massage Therapists in Order to….

Be Functional in Their Jobs

Millions of people go to work everyday and take on the stress and anxiety that comes with a job—demanding clients, overbearing bosses, and unforgiving deadlines. This stress doesn’t just affect us mentally; it can impact us physically too. Think for a moment about the surgeon who is responsible for the lives that lay on their operating table and the tension that comes from repetitive motions and keeping their body still during various procedures. A massage therapist could help alleviate that tension, allowing them to perform at their very best while on the job saving lives. Whether someone is a surgeon, accountant, professional athlete, firefighter, or stay-at-home parent, the demands of certain jobs can breed tension as well as other ailments like carpal tunnel, arthritis, and even back pain. Sometimes a good massage is the very thing they need to keep going.

Overcome Anxiety Disorders

Did you know that 40 million adults in the United States (18.1 percent of the population) suffer from anxiety disorders every year? Unfortunately, only about 37 percent receive treatment. Treatment can come in many ways, including counseling, medication, and alternative treatment (like massage therapy). People may not seek treatment for a variety of reasons—denial, shame, or even just a lack of knowledge or resources. As a massage therapist, you can become a source of healing for those suffering from anxiety and help provide them with a safe, comfortable environment where they can find relief.

Perform at Their Physical Peak

Do you have a favorite sports team? Athlete? It takes a lot of physical training and endurance for a professional athlete to play as hard as they do. To help them continue to push themselves physically and give every game their all, athletes need to maintain their range of motion and the flexibility of their muscles. That’s why the US Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey team has a massage therapist as part of their five-member medical team that travels with them from country to country. Massage therapy can help both athletes and people who workout to take care of their muscles. In fact, a good massage can help stimulate blood circulation and increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles—helping the person’s body in multiple ways including flexibility.

Are You Ready to Help People?

Being a massage therapist is a very important role. There are people out there who wouldn’t be able to function in their jobs, handle the stresses of life, or push themselves as hard physically as they need to without massage therapy. If you feel ready to get your hands on this critical career path, it’s time to schedule a tour at one of our campuses and talk with our team. Your desire to help others resolve their issues could take you far in a massage therapy career path!

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