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The Reward of Mastering Wigs and Extensions

As a professional hairstylist, having the ability to transform a client's appearance and boost their self-esteem is invaluable. Do you think expanding your knowledge into the world of wigs and extensions can help you meet your client’s requests?

The Reward of Mastering Wigs and Extensions

Wigs and extensions were once niche and rare desires, but now they’ve become more common desires from clients across the board. Here are some reasons why plunging into the world of wigs and extensions can profoundly benefit you and your clients.

Transform your clients' look in just one appointment

We all know that you can cut and color and trim and cut some more, but for many clients, those skills won't help them reach their hair goals. Growing out their hair to their desired length can take years, and allowing hair to fully recover from heat damage or other illnesses that cause hair loss are among a few reasons your clients might be looking for wigs or hair extensions.

Adding on some extensions or a unique wig can unlock a new personality for a client instantly. Wigs can be like characters; they can enhance and transform a client before your eyes. Seeing hair extensions before and after and knowing your client feels confident in their new hair is so rewarding. Learning the variety of wig types from color, texture, and length can be so beneficial for you and your clients.

Expanding possibilities for clients

Every client has a different set of hair goals: growing hair out, recovering from hair damage or hair loss, adding volume, masking split ends, etc. Wearing a wig is a natural protectant for hair growth. Avoiding harsh chemicals and heat damage can allow hair to grow fuller and healthier as a result. The ability to feel your best while working through something as personal as hair damage is the beauty of hair extensions and wigs.

Hair thinning is a common problem for both men and women. Wigs can provide the coverage clients are looking for to help them feel confident and secure. Wigs and extensions are simple to style and comfortable to wear, and they can add length and volume instantaneously and provide an unlimited number of hairstyles. Expanding your repertoire provides endless possibilities for your clients, too.

Expand your clientele

Working in an ever-evolving industry, it's important to continue growing and expanding with it. Learning the skills and confidence needed to be a master of wigs and extensions can open you up to a whole new range of clients seeking those services. As we know, wigs and extensions have become more popular with celebrities and with pop culture. You see more and more people embracing them to change up their look and gain confidence. By growing into a well-rounded and inclusive hairdresser, your clientele will naturally expand. Serving clients with a deep knowledge will grow your business alongside the growing wig and hair extension needs.

Professional permanent hair extensions can cost between $600 and $3,000. This kind of extension can only be applied by professional hairdressers. Every four to six weeks, clients will need to have an appointment to reapply the extensions closer to their roots.

For wigs, depending on the quality and method, they can cost a client anywhere from $130 to $500. Learning the various ways to place a wig offers clients options. While the initial costs can seem expensive to the client, purchasing a high-quality wig is an investment. It can cut down overall personal hair costs from regular hair coloring and expensive appointments. If a client is committed to learning how to take care of their wigs, they can last for many years.

All these costs can help you and your business grow exponentially — appointments, the initial cost of a wig, wig cap, and styling tools, etc. All these things add up and can boost revenue.

We know how valuable your relationship with your clients is and how you want to provide them with great service. At Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we want to help you reach your goals and grow into your potential, whether you want to incorporate wigs and extensions into your practice or start with our nine-month cosmetology program, we are here for you! Visit our website for information on courses that can help you reach your goals.

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