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Things to Know about Managing Your Nail Technician Business

Congratulations on completing your nail technology program at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, one of the best cosmetology schools in Hollywood, FL. You may have a dream of opening your new nail salon. Over the next few years, you’ll probably continue to establish your client base as you have for the last several months or years.

If you’re setting out on your own for the first time ever, there are some key things you need to know about operating your salon the right way. Here are some ideas to help you get started. 1. Build a Good Team A business is only as good as the team that comprises it and stays responsible for it running on a day-to-day basis. Build a team you can trust, and encourage open and honest communication between your employees and with you. Make sure you write down exactly what will be expected of them and communicate your expectations. When a new technician starts at the salon, be available to answer questions or resolve concerns with them. Weekly meetings will go a long way to make sure everyone is on the same page and united for business success and growth. 2. Deliver on Your Promises When you’re in business, making appointments with people and offering discounts and promotions, it’s best to deliver on your promises to keep your clientele happy and to build trusting relationships with them. For example, if they come in with an expired coupon, you may want to honor it and put yourself ahead of the competition. Believe that your clients might show up 5 to 10 minutes ahead of their appointment, so plan your appointments with 15-minute gaps between so you’re available for new customers right when they come in. 3. Reward Customer Loyalty Clients respond best to incentives and love to be rewarded for giving you their business. Incorporate a rewards system into your salon and let your clients know about it. Encourage them to keep coming back for additional rewards and make sure they know that you appreciate them. 4. Use Social Media Effectively Online marketing is the best tool you can use to market your nail technician business. Most consumers will research online, look at reviews, and visit the social media pages of any business before they step foot in your door or pick up a phone. Make sure you’re using online marketing and social media effectively to ensure business growth. Having your own nail technician business may possibly offer you a lucrative and rewarding career path. The good news is that, if you already completed the nail technology program at a nail cosmetology school in Hollywood, FL, such as Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, then you may not have to go to years of business school or get a degree to make a career doing what you love. You will already have the tools you may need to be successful. These tips will help with your success going forward. Visit Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers online at, for the next step towards making the life you want with a successful nail technician business.


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