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Things You'll Learn in a Barber Training Program

There’s a lot more to becoming a barber than simply cutting hair and chatting with clients. Barbering is one of the world’s oldest professions, and through centuries of practice, techniques have been perfected into a respected craft. Though barbers no longer serve as surgeons or dentists as once was the case, there’s still a refined art to the practices of cutting, styling, and shaving that must be mastered if a barber is to rise to the top of the industry. That’s why not anyone can just decide to become a barber without receiving advanced training through a barber training program in Hollywood, FL.

Why is attending a barber school so important to a career in the field? Accredited barber schools provide quality instruction using recognized, industry-driven criteria to provide students with everything needed to succeed in the industry. That will include not only the techniques and tactics that comprise the barbering trade, but other necessary instruction in hygiene practices, running a business, and marketing your services. Keep reading to learn more about the things that you will learn while in barber school. Cut and Style At the heart of the barbering profession is cutting and styling men’s hair. Doing so isn’t as easy as it looks. Barber school includes instruction in cutting and trimming techniques; shaping the hair to complement the head and face shape; and how to use the tools of the trade, such as scissors, razors, trimmers, and styling products. These lessons will include not only classroom instruction, but hands-on learning working on mannequins and, later, real clients. Shaving and Facial Hair Shaping Shaving has always been a part of the barbering profession, and while most men handle this daily task for themselves, there are many who still relish an old-fashioned straight razor shave. Also, beards are en vogue among men these days, but not everyone has the know-how or equipment to properly shape and maintain a well-groomed beard. Barbers are trained to do both. Hair Color It’s not just women who occasionally like to switch up their hair color or cover gray as they age. Men are also interested in those services. Therefore, a barber must know how to perform bleaching and dyeing techniques in order to offer clients full-spectrum service. Because bleaching and dyeing involves chemicals, it’s critical that barbers are well-trained in using them. After all, bleaching and dyeing can’t be undone, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Hygiene, Sanitation, and Safety Because cutting hair and shaving involves close-quarter contact and shared equipment, proper hygiene and sanitation of the workspace and tools is of critical importance. Therefore, barbers get instruction in maintaining a clean, safe working environment so that communicable diseases aren’t passed through the barbershop. Also, because barbers work with many chemicals that could be potentially dangerous, proper safety procedures must be performed. Business Practices Whether a barber student plans to join on with an existing business or one day own a barbershop, it’s important that students in barber school learn how to navigate the business environment of the trade. Learning how to set fees, how to build a book of clients, how to manage customer relations, and how to market your services are all part of the instruction offered to barbers in the best schools teaching the trade. At the best accredited barber schools in Hollywood, FL, you’ll learn all the skills, techniques, and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in the barbering trade. To learn more about what you’ll learn in barber school, contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers at (944) 922-5505.

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