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Things You Will Learn in Cosmetology School

If you’re considering a career in cosmetology, you need the best schooling to get the best jobs and high-level clients. Everyone has to start at the bottom and learn basic skills. Depending on the type of cosmetology, your training could last anywhere from one to eight years. It all depends on how specialize you become in the field. Here are the things you will learn in a cosmetology classroom:

  1. Communication: Communication is important because you want happy clients who walk away from your chair feeling listened to, appreciated, and, most importantly, love their hairstyle.

  2. Hairstyles: From the “Farrah” to the “Rachel” and everything in between, you need to have a grasp on current and past hairstyle trends to better serve your clients.

  3. Hair health: You’re not just cutting hair. You’re helping your clients achieve beautiful healthy hair. It’s important to know how hair grows, the types of hair, and how certain medications react with processing chemicals.

  4. Business: Many students have aspirations of owning their own salon. For this reason, many cosmetology schools teach a business course to help students.

  5. Other specialties: Cosmetology schools also teach basic and advanced courses regarding skin care, nail technology, and electrology.

Are you ready to begin your cosmetology journey? Whether you want to learn the art of hair color or aim to be world-famous nail technician, begin your training by calling the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. We train our students to be the best and are proud to watch their careers flourish in local spas, behind the scenes on movies sets, and everywhere in between. Our programs give you a quality education and prepare you to work in a competitive industry. We update our curriculum and programming frequently to make sure our students receive current information and always stay on trend. To learn more about our programs, admission requirements, and financial information, visit us online at

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