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Tips on Texturizing Hair

Texturizing hair can be used to describe a variety of hair processes. When most people think of texturizing hair, they think of applying a texturizer to curly hair. While that is definitely one way, texturizing hair can also refer to adding layers, thinning, or using tools and styling products to improve hair texture. Whether you want to work as a barber or hairstylist, or are just interested in changing your look, this blog is for you!

Tips on Texturizing Hair

What is textured hair?

The answer to this question might be different from what you are expecting. The term "textured hair" refers to a variety of hair types. While everyone has some form of hair texture, textured hair is defined as having "shape." Although the two aren't always the same, textured hair and natural Black hair are frequently used interchangeably as textured hair can refer to tight curls.

5 Different Hair Texturizing Techniques You Can Try Out

A person's hair can be very personal. It can become part of our identity. It can help define us, and there are always ways to make our hair suit our unique personalities — especially when it comes to texture. The following are some hair texturizing methods to add spunk to your locks!

1. Point cutting

Point cutting is one of the most common hair-cutting techniques, focused on removing bulk and layering your hair. It reshapes an ordinary cut into something full of movement and is used for styling both men and women. If your present hairstyle doesn't suit you, the point-cutting technique could be just what you need. A professional stylist can help you achieve this look!

2. Twist cutting

Twist cutting is done by sectioning thin areas of the hair and then twisting them as tight as possible from the root of the hair to the edges. As a section of the hair is twisted, the stylist cuts the hair, resulting in a textured, thinned-out look.

3. Internal cutting

The hair is cut lengthwise along the shaft, resulting in a more subtle textured hair look. It is the perfect technique if you are looking for a modern hairstyle that looks seamless.

4. Smooth cutting

This method commonly used for straight hair involves thinning the hair with a razor. A stylist will use a special razor with a comb guard to ensure you won't lose too much hair.

5. Using a texturizer

In this method, the hair stylist applies a chemical substance known as a texturizer to the hair. This is a permanent method for straightening the hair, and hair texture powder is sometimes also added to repair excessive dryness that can happen as a result.

It aims to loosen the curls rather than straighten them. In the early 1990s, people sold texturizing products to men who wanted wavy hairstyles, but these days, it is increasingly common among men and women.

What Are the Benefits of Texturized Hair?

Adding texture to your hair has many perks. Some of which are listed below

  • Increase in volume

  • Easier to detangle and comb

  • Prevents flyaways and frizz

  • Makes your locks shine.

  • Easier to style

At the Hollywood Institute, we are not just dedicated to helping you achieve your hair goals; we want to encourage you to achieve your career goals, no matter your fears.

Reach out to us today for more information on our services and classes.

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