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Top 5 Career Opportunities with Esthetician License

For all those grownups who were fascinated as children by their mother’s facial masks, makeup, and leg wax, there’s a place for you in the beauty field! Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or have already spent time in the workplace located in West Palm Beach, FL, now is the time to get the education that will lead to job opportunities in skin care and nail technology. Here are the top 5 career opportunities available to people who hold an esthetician license.

Esthetician/ Skin Care Specialist Also referred to as a skin care specialist, estheticians specialize in cosmetic skin care. If you can picture yourself in the role of personal trainer for the skin, then this could be the career for you. At the most basic level an esthetician performs facials, wraps, rejuvenation therapies, and depending on which state they practice in, chemical peels. With the number of different skincare treatments available today, it’s no surprise that people get confused and need help deciding which ones are best for their unique needs. Estheticians who give facials and other rejuvenation therapies are usually employed in spas and salons. Medical/ Paramedical Esthetician If you’ve dreamed helping people recover from facial trauma or plastic surgery, consider working as a medical/paramedical esthetician. These specialists work with dermatologists and plastic surgeons in medical offices and hospitals. In this role you would provide skin care treatments to people recovering from burns, plastic surgery, and chemotherapy. Clients may also suffer from other severe conditions. One rewarding aspect of a career as a paramedical esthetician is teaching people how to minimize the appearance of skin damage due to burns, discoloration, or scars. The first step to working in this career is taking full specialist esthetician courses in West Palm Beach, FL. Spa Manager Perhaps you dream to manage people within a facility. A Spa Manager is a great opportunity for you. By taking full specialist courses and achieving an esthetician license you will have the knowledge to run the daily operations of a spa or salon. A Spa Manager will facilitate hiring employees, HR policies and training classes for employees. You will oversee all marketing and advertising of the spa. Additionally, this individual will handle bookkeeping, payroll and all product inventory. Most Spa Managers will have their own private office. Although the business side of it can be demanding you are working in a relaxing environment and that will help alleviate any stress.

Nail Technician/ Nail Specialist Were you that kid who borrowed your big sister’s nail polish and gave manicures and pedicures to yourself, your friends, and all your dolls? If you love helping people take care of their finger nails and toe nails, this could be the perfect career for you! Nail technicians specialize in providing manicures, pedicures, cuticle care, and even callus removal. Nail technicians are also skilled in all synthetic nail treatments including artificial nails, wraps, and nail fills. A full specialist training program in West Palm Beach, FL, lets you train in both skin care and nail care, making you more marketable. Waxing Therapist An esthetician license can lead to career as a waxing therapist. If making clients feel and look beautiful by being able to show off their bare legs appeals to you this is an excellent career choice. Both men and women visit waxing therapists where they get rid of unwanted hair from their eyebrows to their toes. You won’t have any trouble finding work and if you master your craft, your clients will love you. As you can see, earning your esthetician license means multiple opportunities to pursue a career in the beauty field. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to call West Palm Beach Institute of Beauty Careers and speak with an admissions representative. Come take a tour today!


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