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Top Nail Trends for 2020 Runways

In the last few years, cosmetology schools have started giving manicures as much attention as hair and makeup. Runways and fashion weeks now highlight nail trends every year, and for 2020, there’s another wave that celebrity designers love to show off on the runway. These styles will look perfect for your next big event, so learn about them by reading on.

Coffin Shape Though coffin-shaped nails first became popular in the early ’90s, they recently made a comeback when beauty maven Kylie Jenner started posting them on social media. They’re long and snipped off straight at the ends, with the sides tapered toward the tip. It’s no surprise that everyone loves them, from Hollywood celebrities to runway models. They’re chic and classy; plus, they give you more design options to play with because of their length. Your artist gets plenty of space to draw patterns or add some bling. Updated French Mani Nostalgia for the ’90s has clearly kicked into high gear. Here’s another trend making a comeback in 2020: the French manicure. But, you won’t be seeing thick white stripes and chunky square acrylics this time around. This minimalist design just got updated with a rounded shape and thin, delicate tip. French manicures are simple yet elegant, and they won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard. They took spring collection fashion shows by storm as they appeared on several runways from brands such as Khaite and Prabal Gurung. Negative Space The resurgence of the French manicure didn’t come out of nowhere. Its return is heavily attributed to the popular use of negative space among nail artists last year. This compositional technique maximizes the area around the subject, isolating the main feature of your design. With a negative space manicure, your artist will leave most of your nails bare or painted only with a clear base. This makes the main design element pop, as it creates high contrast against the neutral background. It gives you a simple but edgy look, as seen on Kith’s and Ulla Johnson’s models in the recent New York Fashion Week. Eclectic Maximalism While minimalist designs have their appeal, there’s something about mixed patterns and loud colors that makes you want to take a second look. This is what eclectic maximalism is all about: bringing together different styles and techniques to create an engrossing, artful work. Wearing something of the kind gives a touch of sophistication while being unique and playful. It’s perfect for fashion shows, music festivals, and art galas. If you’re wondering which celebrity designer loves this aesthetic, it’s none other than Moschino’s creative director. The nail style definitely screams Jeremy Scott.

Cuticle Cuff The next trend that’s slowly making its way into runways and red carpets is an accessory called the cuticle cuff. It’s a gold, silver, or bronze wire that manicurists use to outline your nails. This small detail adds a stylish flair to your final look since metallic colors have proven to be timeless accents for different shades. Designer brand Tibi is one of the first ones to feature them at a fashion week. They painted the models’ short, square nails with muted colors, and paired them with irregularly shaped wire loops. The avant-garde take on the aesthetic was the idea of renowned manicurist Jin Soon Choi. Whether you’re headed for a gala dinner, charity ball, or any other evening affair, there’s always a fashionable way to do your nails. Get in touch with the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers to help you decide on what design to wear. Their team of professionals from cosmetology schools in Hollywood, FL, can surely pull off these stylish trends, helping you with your hair and makeup, too!

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