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Top Personality Traits of Skin Care Specialists

Your personality is an important part of figuring out what career is best for you. To determine whether the esthetician program in West Palm Beach, FL, might be the right choice for you, you’ll need to understand the demands of this profession. Estheticians, or skin care specialists, possess specific personality traits that help them succeed. Here are the top personality traits of skin care specialists.

Knowledgeable To be a successful skin care specialist, you should be passionate about learning new things. Having a broad amount of knowledge and experience will help you better serve your clients. Earning an esthetician certification or license will provide you with a foundation of knowledge and training on various beauty services, techniques, and treatments. Once you get your certificate or license from a reputable esthetician school, you can get to work in a professional salon or open up your own business. Keep in mind that the field is always changing. To stay up-to-date on the latest trends, you can take continuing education courses online or in person. Laser treatments for skin, for example, are booming right now, so you might want to consider taking a laser treatment training class. Learning new skills and refreshing current skills will help improve your career significantly. Good Listener Clients talk to their estheticians about their skin issues, as well as what is going on in their life in general. If you are a good skin care specialist, then you’ll listen carefully to your client and be able to provide services based on what they’ve told you. You should always take a client’s requests seriously. When your client has finished or when there are pauses in the conversation, you can offer advice based on your expertise. Listening to your clients will also help you meet their expectations. They often know what they want but might not be able to describe a service or treatment well. You need to be able to hear and interpret what a client is telling you so you can provide the proper procedure. You must also practice discretion, especially when a client shares personal aspects of their life. Opened Minded and Understanding Because you’ll be dealing with clients from several different backgrounds who have a wide range of beliefs, you need to keep an open mind and build a thick skin. Remember, part of your job is to make the client feel comfortable while in your care. Never argue with a customer or dispute their point of view. You should, however, set some boundaries and have a plan for how to respond to abusive behaviors. In addition, be careful not to bring up hot button issues (politics, religion, etc.) unless the client does first, as these topics are extremely personal, and some clients might be sensitive to them. Creativity Estheticians have a unique artistic flair that helps you envision skin care regimens and treatments that fit each client perfectly. Your creativity will allow you to come up with unique skin care regimens for all types of skin (dry, oily, combination, etc.). You can envision how specific exfoliants, masks, chemical peels, and spot treatments can help enhance the health of a client’s skin. You’ll also understand how certain treatments help eliminate acne or wrinkles and other signs of aging. Your appearance also demonstrates your creativity. You make sure to use the latest products to keep your skin healthy. You gain experience with new products when you use them personally, which can help increase sales. Plus, when clients see how well you take care of yourself, they’ll be more comfortable in your care and more open to your recommendations. Do you still want to be a skin care specialist? Then take a look at the esthetician courses in West Palm Beach, FL, offered by the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. Visit our website today, or give us a call at 561-547-6333.


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