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Top Reasons to Be a Makeup Artist

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

makeup artist. There’s always a demand for people with an expertise in beauty and makeup. If you have yet to consider this exciting opportunity, here are a few reasons to consider attending a cosmetology training school.


If you’ve ever worked a full time 9:00 to 5:00 job — or know someone who has — you know what a total drag it can be. Working the same schedule day after day, week after week, sometimes for years on end, can get you stuck in a rut real quick. A career as a makeup artist is a surefire way to avoid that kind of work schedule. While the work at times can be intense — and require long hours — you’re never stuck doing the same job over and over. In fact, for the most part, you can choose when and where you want to work.

A Chance to Be Creative

If you love makeup and fashion, becoming a makeup artist gives you a chance to show off your own unique skills. Every time you’re given a new job, you’re allowed the freedom to come up with a solution where you can make a real impact. Whether you’re working at a wedding or a film shoot, you’re free to execute your own ideas to the satisfaction of the client.

Meet New People

You won’t be working in a traditional office environment. Instead, you’ll be exposed to a constant stream of interesting people whose passions match your own. Each time you work with someone new, it’s an opportunity to show off your talents, which can help with referrals for future work.

It might sound like a small thing, but the cost of makeup can really add up over time. As a makeup artist, you’ll save money buying in bulk, and you can write it off as a business expense. Furthermore, you’ll have a ringside seat to all the latest fashion and makeup trends, so you’ll always be able to try new things on your own before trying them with a client.

A Chance to Help People

That first time you help a bride look her best on her big day or a teen feel gorgeous at her first dance is a moment you’ll never forget. A career as a makeup artist means you get to help people feel beautiful inside and out. Just ask any makeup artist how satisfying this work can be!

When you’re ready to start a new career as a makeup artist, visit us at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. We’re the leading cosmetology beauty school in West Palm Beach, FL, so give us a call today (954) 781-2468!



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