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Top Things You Will Learn in Esthetician School

If you’re fascinated by beauty and skincare, you might be interested in a career as an esthetician. Not only would it put you right in the middle of a rapidly growing industry, but you’d also get to use your passion in a way that truly helps people. There are so many different kinds of spas and services out there that can meet a wide range of clients’ needs, so it can be difficult to know what to expect when you take esthetician courses. Here’s a short list of some of things you’ll learn.

Facial Massage

It’s important for every esthetician to understand the basics. One of those basics is the facial massage. Not only is it a useful skill to have, but it’s a great means of introducing students to the physical structure and anatomy of the face which is necessary in several other applications as well.


Aromatherapy is useful both as its own discipline and when practiced along with other treatments, such as traditional facials and facial massages. Learning the skills necessary for aromatherapy can lead to several other career options, including as an aromatherapeutic counselor, essential oils retailer, or aromatherapy blender for an aromatherapy bar.

European Spa Facials

Generally, esthetician schools teach the practice of European spa facials. If yours does, you can expect to learn how to perform every step of the procedure, including preparing the client with a facial cleanse and performing the facial itself.


This very popular procedure is designed to remove dead skin from the patient’s face, leaving them feeling refreshed and with softer, younger-looking skin. Not only will students learn the practice, but they will have a thorough understanding of the benefits, so they can better advise their patients on whether they should opt for the procedure or not.

Waxing If patients want to remove hair entirely from a part of their face or body, waxing is the best way to do so. Waxing lasts far longer than shaving because it removes hair at the roots. Nearly every school offers courses on waxing. It usually involves teaching students to practice on dummies before moving on to actual clients. Business and Safety Aspects Esthetician schools are intended to give you the training you need to succeed as an esthetician. Not only does this mean you’ll need to learn all the different procedures, but you’ll have to be knowledgeable about safety and how to best work with clients from a customer service point of view. You’ll gain insight into valuable business skills as well such as salon and spa management and retail sales. When you’re ready to explore the exciting world a career as an esthetician has to offer, enroll in the most respected esthetician school in West Palm Beach FL, Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. Give us a call today at (561) 547-6333.


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