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Top Tips to Be a Successful Barber

Top Tips to Be a Successful Barber

The number of men wanting haircuts, clean shaves, trendy hairstyles, and a clean and professional environment tailored to them and their needs has skyrocketed, resulting in barbershops making quite the comeback in recent years. 

With the industry booming, now is the perfect time to invest in your education and your future and attend a school of barbering. When you take men’s barbering classes at an accredited institute, you learn not only tricks of the trade, but also valuable business skills. Whether you want to own your own shop or rent a chair at a barbershop, the knowledge and skills that you absorb about how to become an entrepreneur will positively impact the rest of your life.

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to be a barber and aren’t sure where to start, keep reading. From schooling to mastering your craft, we have the top tips for how to become a successful barber.

Where to Learn Barbering

The first step to becoming a successful barber is to enroll in men’s barbering classes at a school of barbering. Going to school to become a barber is an amazing way to get a comprehensive education. You learn not only technical skills, but also theory and history. The technical classes that Hollywood Institute teaches cover hairstyling, haircutting, hair coloring, chemical texturing, scalp treatments, hair treatments, beard design, skincare for men, straight razor, shaving, and hair design.

The theory topics cover the history of barbering, life skills, professional image, infection control, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, electricity, skin structure, hair and scalp disorders and treatments, men’s facial massage and treatments, women’s haircutting, and styling, the business of barbering, and preparing for licensure and employment. 

What Does Barber School Cost?

Barber school cost is completely affordable, and you can finish in less than a year. Our program is 900 hours long and takes seven months to complete. Attending barber school is the first step to becoming a successful barber.

4 Tips for Becoming a Successful Barber

After you complete your barber school education, you should remember to implement a few more practices to ensure that you enjoy a long, successful career as a barber.

1. Keep learning

Graduating from a school of barbering is the end of your formal education, but you can — and should — always continue investing in yourself and your skills. You can find a mentor whom you admire and can follow for advice and tips, stay on top of trends and techniques, and attend workshops and intensives that teach you more about a specific style, color, or product line. Continuing education is typically also a requirement for barber license renewals, so staying on top of the latest science and trends will be essential.

2. Be consistent in your work

Being consistent is the key to everything in life, but especially to being a barber. You need to be able to deliver results that your clients love every single time they come to see you. When people love their cut, shave, or their regular service, they’ll keep coming back. When you’re consistent, you build and keep clientele. At the beginning of your career, it can be helpful to take notes or photos of each client so you remember exactly what you did and can replicate it for them. Practice your craft and fine-tune your processes to develop consistency.

3. Provide excellent customer service

Make sure that your shop is clean and comfortable and that you and your staff and co-workers are friendly and personable. You want your customers to feel at home when they come to see you. Being great at what you do will only get you so far if your customer service skills are lacking, so make sure that you engage with your clients, ask them personal questions, and try to get to know them. People love to bond with their stylists and barbers. Remembering small details about your clients — and following up on them when you see them again — is an easy way to show your clients how much they mean to you. Providing excellent customer service will take you far as a barber and help ensure your career longevity.

4. Market yourself

Another great way to be successful as a barber is to market yourself. Create a website for your barbershop that shows off your handiwork. Get on social media and create engaging videos and pictures to showcase your fresh cuts. Make sure to show before-and-after photos, fun hair and beard designs you created, and share insider tips and tricks. And don’t forget to ask your clients for reviews you can post. Always be sure to ask permission before sharing a photo of someone on your account; most people will say yes and will be thrilled to be featured on your feed.

Thinking About Attending a School of Barbering?

Becoming a successful barber takes commitment and dedication to your craft, but you can reach your goals by following these tactics to apply yourself to your trade and build relationships with your client base. If you’re thinking about a career as a barber, enroll in a school of barbering to get started on this exciting career path!


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